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I wonder how popular crafts related to babies are?

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  • I wonder how popular crafts related to babies are?

    I realise this may be a very limited market, but wonder what sort of crafts could be on offer for a baby/toddler fair? Crochet, knitting I wonder about name plaques for bedrooms, flowers for baby arrival. Any thoughts would be very welcome for our fair.


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    I wouldn't say that it was limited as there are many things you can do for babies. The only way it would be limiting is in actually getting people into the fair - not everyone has/likes babies so maybe offer children's things too. I know that is still quite limiting but it might attract more people.
    As to what you can make there are numerous things - blankets, clothes toys, cards. My mind has gone blank but there are lots of other things too!!
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      there's nursery paintings,keepsake boxes, ornaments for nurseries, teddy bears.pram snugglers etc, etc,..............
      What about pampering the new mum too!,some jewellery


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        Name pegs, tooth fairy boxes/bags, baby change bags (there were many times when I wanted to change my baby but nobody would swap! ) those lovely little soft leather first shoes. The crafters on here make so many gorgeous baby/toddler things.


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          Are You Thinking About Doing A Baby Fair Or Are Doing One?
          I Make Keepsake Boxes/memory Boxes And Baby Cards And Would Be Interested In A Stall,

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            What about Nappy cakes - they make great gifts - someone on the forum makes them.
            Soft toys too of course - knitted and crocheted ones.
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              I was going to say Nappy cakes as i make they i also make and sock buds also sock candy and wash cloth lollipops all for babies but your a bit far away for me to come. But im sure someone near you will be doing them

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