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Help or advice for a first craft fair please

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  • Help or advice for a first craft fair please

    Hi there anyone???
    I have been making cards for about a year now and have booked myself to do a craft fair in June. I make all sorts of cards, glitter, decoupage, medallion cards. As a complete newbie to the craft fair world I was trying to find any info that would help me with this giant 1st hurdle. Do cards actually sell well at craft fairs ?. What sort of cards sell best ?. What do I charge ?. I have made lots of cards in preparation and put them in cello bags & have little stickers on the back saying handmade by etc. If there is anyone out there that may pick up this message & offer any advice I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.
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    Hi...You sound as though you are well organised for your first craft fair....doing your first one is exciting & a bit nerve wrecking as well! Have you checked with the organiser as to how many, if any, other crafters will be selling cards? I know some fairs I have attended there have been 3 or 4 card sellers, & a wide variety of cards, but if you know you will have competition you can keep your pricing competitive....also I find that sellers using display stands for their cards so they can be easily seen, do better than those with the cards flat on the table. A small supply of business cards with your contact details at the front of the table is also useful...At a fair I was at recently a card seller was selling small packs with everything needed to start making your own cards, packs of 5 with toppers & peel offs, nothing complicated & she was selling loads, and she was making up some cards at her table, and that seemed to gather a few people round her..... cards & jewellery always seem to do well, hope it is a good one for you!



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      I have done a few craft fairs and what I offer is to personalise the cards with peoples name for a small additional charge.

      It seems to go down well but I surgest that you only do this if you can take someone with you. As they can sell or take orders whilst you personalise.

      Sara x