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  • Hello

    Hi everyone

    Wow, what a comprehensive forum this've got just about every craft nailed!

    Now, I'm worried - I've tried card making (just not artistic enough), I've tried Jewellery Making -love it still but can't find enough time - What else am I going to try?......luckily I can't sew for toffee - even shirt buttons never seem to match the hole there supposed to go through - I know my limitations there.

    Candles though, are my passion, my hobby and luckily for me, my business! I've been running my business for just over 3 years, mainly selling wholesale and own label candles.

    I look forward to saying hello to you all and being able to contribute to at least some of the topics.


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    Its a great place here, you will be spoilt for choice!
    Im a jewellery/bead addict I'm afraid (There are a a lot of us!)

    What area are you from? Do you do craft fairs?

    hope you have fun here!
    With love
    xx pixiedoodles


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      Hello Angela and welcome to the forum.

      Me finks I knows you from CSN ?



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        Hi from one newbie to another!!!

        I joined this forum yesterday and have to confess I didn't get much bear making done as I was too busy reading all the interesting articles posted

        Everyone seems really friendly and helpful, I'm sure you'll have a fab time!!!

        Teddy bears don't need hearts as they're already stuffed with love!!


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          Hello and to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here.
          Anice xx
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            and yes Hi Lisa!!

            Yes - you do know me from csns - nice to see a familiar face. I recently joined and I am enjoying having others to share experiences with. I've been doing this for so many years - the hard way! I joined a US forum years back, but it was never that applicable so kind of died a death - didn't even occur to me to see if any UK ones had started up since.

            I was actually contacted by another candle maker outside the forum as they were concerned that other people were using my name and theirs in their adwords , she suggested I take a look at the forum and haven't stopped since....they are so addictive aren't they?

            Just looked up your tutorial on pillar candles - very neat - informative and clean..Um - will not show my OH how orderly it all looks!! Believe it or not, I've never made pillar candles - my travel tins keep me busy day in and day out!

            Also, if I start to ask about beads, findings, etc - slap me and send me away - I cannot take on anymore..........

            Will pop back later but in charge of throng of children today - my own and god children as various mums have to go back to work today and obviously as "I don't work!!!" I'm number one aunty! Seriously thinking of getting premises away from home....maybe then they'll realise I work.

            Anyway, sound grumps but love all the kids .....going to do glass painting and cooking not all bad




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              Originally posted by Angie View Post
              Just looked up your tutorial on pillar candles - very neat - informative and clean..Um - will not show my OH how orderly it all looks!! Believe it or not, I've never made pillar candles - my travel tins keep me busy day in and day out!

              Hi Angela,

              It only looks clean because I pushed all the other bumph to the other end of the unit and scraped some wax off the units and cooker - usually a complete and utter riot well actually 99% of the time a complete mess.



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                its good to try new stuff because you never know what your going to be good at with card making you get better the more you do i have found i look back at my first cards and think they are awful i find its knowing when to stop i dont make candles but my daughter makes lovely ones welcome to the forum im sure you will enjoy it
                Jan xx



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                  to the forum! hope you have fun with all the kids !!


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                    Hi thanks again for all the welcomes

                    Well, Kids don't seem to want me.......Haven't done anything I planned. Boys are outside in the hail wrestling on the trampoline (have net, don't panic!) and girls just say "YES?" anytime I go near them.

                    Have spent the time, melting down some of my candle mistakes and trials and clearing some space in my workshop....

                    Ho hum, kids grow so fast, don't they?




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                      HI angie,

                      Another candle maker its great you sound a bit like myself i started out with cards & ive ended up with candles & im glad i have!!

                      Welcome to the forum its great!


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                        Hi Angela!

                        I'm quite new here too, I joined a few months back but I only started posting this weekend. And.. I thought you were on holiday, what are you doing melting wax?!

                        I laughed at the 'don't work' comment. I got that today too, a friend of mine called me up and asked if I could take her to the dentist one day next week, she said she wouldn't ask anyone else as they all work, but as I am a 'lady of leisure' I might be able to lol! I work harder now than I did when I was employed!

                        Well, enough nattering on the net, I'm off for a cuppa..


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                          Hi and Welcome - nice to get more newbies. It's great here!.
                          by Nicki

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                            And from me, I'm sure you'll find all sorts of things to get involved with here........



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                              Hi and welcome to the forum

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