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  • Hi Im new

    I'm new to the forum my wife is a recent member and I've found myself butting in twice and giving her advice to give to people regarding web design as that's what I do for a living. So her suggestion was why don't you just join up yourself. So rather than looking over her shoulder and commenting (which she finds annoying) I can do so myself.

    About myself... I'm married have one daughter who is 3. I have worked in the web design industry for a number of years and have a number of sites with my wife which I look after. I sometimes help my wife with her handmade cards but very reluctantly and only at busy time of the year. Hopefully I can offer some good advice to people starting their own websites and leave my wife alone in the process.

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    Ooh! Might call on you at a later date! I am quite new myself but am getting adventerous thinkung of a web site!!!! Good luck to you and your wifwe and a big from me!! I make cards by the way!! Sue.


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      to the forum!
      well, I think that web designing is quite a craft anyway, so you're in the right place!


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        i wish my hubby would join like you have done as he can be a bit of a back seat driver sometime - jump right in sometimes we need a fresh pair of eyes and are always up for a chat
        while i knit i think


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          from a fellow newbie and cardmaker

          A mind is like a only functions when open


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            welcome sounds like you will be a welcome member to the forum my husbands a fisherman and has no interest what so ever in card making or the computor except to view his fish photos
            Jan xx



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              Hi and welcome. you are going to find lots of us asking for your advice I think! My husband hangs out in car forums (yaaawwwnn) and has no interest at all in this one so its good o see a few guys around the place.


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                Hello and to the forum! I have my own techie guy here..but he stays well clear of my craft forums. He has to put up with enough real card making and design as it's my business I don't think he can be bothered with a virtual version as well..except for my website of course! That's his job!!
                Anice xx
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                  And from me too !!


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                    from me too....I'm sure we will be asking advice from time to time.



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                      Welcome to the forum - I am sure you will be able to help with lots of technical queries. Hope you enjoy it,


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                        And from me too - how nice of you to have been offering us website advice over Mrs Flooby's shoulder and now to join us in person!

                        No doubt you'll find some amusement in us all calling your various technical masterpieces of web invention "that thingy" or the "jobby wotsit" etc so apologies in advance for that

                        Shaz x
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                          butting in

                          Originally posted by Floobynooby View Post
                          my wife is a recent member and I've found myself butting in
                          and I thought it was only me!

                          fellow Husband.


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                            Hello & , you may have opened the floodgates with regards to your services & website advice etc I'm sure your presence will be welcomed by many people on here, including myself!!

                            "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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                              Thanks for all the welcomes nice to see im not the only Husband on here.