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    I have found a cute knitting pattern for a childs hat. The trouble is it is knitted in Rowan Purelife Bitish Sheep Breeds Chunky WOOL. I think his would be a bit itchy for a child. Would anyone out there know what a suitable soft lternative to this would be please?

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    Hi check out juey website they are different type of wool all British and apparently not itchy not tried it personally but seen it advertised on create and craft. Hth


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      It will depend on the thickness of the wool and the tension it is knitted at. Check on the ballband for the thickness (eg DK, Aran, Chunky), tension (ie stitches and rows per 10cm), and for the number of metres per 100gm, take a note of these, then look for another wool - possibly a blend of wool and acrylic - which matches the details as closely as possible.

      I rarely, if ever, use the 'specified' brand in a knitting pattern and I always have good results. It is very important, though, to use a fibre with similar qualities to that required in the pattern, if you want a similar result.


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        Personally I'd pop down the shops and feel every ball of wool you can get your hands on. Try using your wrist as that's very sensitive.
        Eena's right about the similar qualities thing but I absolutely amazed myself last year by taking an ancient pattern, using modern wool, altering it to fit the size I needed and it worked!!!!!! I just had to have several goes at getting the tension square correct. (I had to change the sizes of the needles).

        Something to think about - having a small grandchild who falls down in the mud a lot - pick a machine washable 'wool' - it'll probably be acrylic.


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          Hi all,

          Thanks so much for all your replies. Will take them all on board and get down to my nearest knitting shop. Sad to say it is quite far from where I live but you do get personal service which is nice - where have all the little wool shops gone? Especially with knitting making such a comeback. You cannot feel the wool on the web!Gingy