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Bead shop Glasgow jan 13

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  • Bead shop Glasgow jan 13

    Can anyone help. I went to visit the bead shop on Crow Rd Glasgow. To find it shut. Does anyone know if they have moved premises or gone out of business. It was a lovely shop with great findings and beads

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    I remember passing this shop a lot as a kid and being intrigued by it , so when I did take up jewellery I went to go and have a look around to find it closed as well. I was rather disappointed, I have never heard anything about what happened to the shop. There are a few other shops throughout glasgow. Nice little shop in Partick although it is slightly more expensive than some of the others


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      It is still open. It has a strange approach from the street, it doesn't look like a shop at all, more like an private apartment's entrance. So make sure you face it full on first and then enter through a large glass door. It's not a good as it should and could be. And, yes, it's a bit too expensive for it's own good and it still sells per foot instead of meter. However, it's the best bead shop in Glasgow. I use it often and have the benefit of the shop's loyalty card. Its number is 0141 334 2271.


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        thats the shop in keith street partick, i believe the post is one in crow road, although i get alot from keith street store
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