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Have you ever made a crafts by yourself ?

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  • Have you ever made a crafts by yourself ?

    most of the women in the old age are good at making knit sweater and socks ,but in the machine made age , few girls making this by themselves , have you ever made a crafts by yourselves?
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    No I don't think anyone on this forum has made anything by hand themselves - they'd be members of a craft forum if they did!
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      I agree with Netty but have just had another thought. Are you trying to ask if anyone crafts without the benefit of electric gizmos of any sort. i.e. a piece of wood and a sharp knife and turn it into - say - a picture frame without the benefit of any modern device.
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        I craft with hand items ie a sewing needle, a pair of knitting needles, a crochet hook, pins and pairs of scissors, hand made paper, paint brushes. If that is what you mean.

        I hardly ever use a sewing machine even though I own 3 and I've never used a knitting machine for my knitting, all my embroidery is done by hand ie needle and thread not via a embroidery sewing machine.

        I use nails, chisels, hammers, screw drivers, nuts and washers, spanner and of course hand saw's and sheets of sand paper when working in wood. I do have power tools but I prefer hand my hand tools.

        When I glass paint I do use a my domestic gas oven in my kitchen to fire the pieces.

        So I can us entirely hand or I can use 'power' tools and equipement in my handmade crafting if that is what you are asking
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