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  • PeggyCrafts
    Hello-I'm not sure about the technical ins & outs of you asking on here but I'm sure one of the lovely mods will be on in a bit to tell us one way or the other. However I'm sure people will be happy to help if you explain a little more about what help you need?

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  • Kerryatter
    started a topic Am I allowed...

    Am I allowed...

    ... to ask for help for fundraising? I'm raising funds for my local hospital (where my baby daughter was treated with a heart condition) by making christmas cards to sell at local businesses. I was kind of hoping that one or two of your members may be able to help me (as I can't cope with the volume by myself) by donated a hand crafted card or two.

    Am I allowed to do this? I know it's incredibly cheeky to ask as I have only just joined the forum... but I really want to raise the cash for the childrens ward and help buy a desperately needed heart scanner

    Many thanks for your guidance

    Kerry x