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  • Posting links for feed back

    Ok I have just looked at 2 websites that people have asked for feedback on. So I thought I would ask for feedback on mine, I typed out my message and then tried to post. I can't as I don't have enough postings. My query is how come there are people on her that are posting links to their websites for feedback and they don't have 25 posts or over.

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    Hi nicky
    You are not allowed to include URL's in your posting until you have 25 posts.
    You are however allowed to enter a signature that includes your URL. You need to go into your profile and edit your signature from there.
    Please bear in mind though that non craft related signatures will be removed.
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      Hi Nicky,

      I think that you can still put your website in your signature, which is probably how people can see other people's site if they have less than 25 posts.

      Hope that helps,

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        Ive always though this rule is rather funny! Whats the point in not letting you type a website in the text if you can in the signature??I reckon that before 25 posts you shouldnt be able to do either. just my opinion - perhaps there is a good reason?


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          Its just to stop any Tom, **** or Harry from joining the forum purely to direct traffic to their website. The mods do a great job spotting the majority of these spammers so that we can enjoy the forum for what it is meant for . . . . . friendly chat between crafters.

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