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To the new 'gang'

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  • To the new 'gang'

    Hello. You have hit the forum running, I don't know why your last - much faster - forum fell out of favour with you, but please try and remember there are a lot of other members on this forum who really are not bothered about whether you could do instant chat and talk about the weather or what to wear tonight. We are a craft discussion forum, not sanctuary, not MSN or facebook, we talk and help each other and if we have enough posts promote each other.
    You now have an outline of what we're about, we have a few rules, and the one's we have are strictly enforced - that's because we, the members, made them to keep out spam and rubbish. They are there to help you. Try not to hijack other people's threads to introduce yourselves, it's like butting in to a conversation, if you equate 'online etiquette' with 'good manners' you won't go far wrong. Oh.................welcome.

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    I saw that other thread too, Beadsage. I think they are ignoring your comments!

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      Oh, I hate missing things, work got in the way again!

      Peter, are you offending people again?


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        confused about forum rules

        I appreciate that a number of newcomers who arrived over the last few days may have rather pounded in, some of us neglecting to read the rules in full before getting stuck in...and maybe demonstrating a little too much frivolity in our excitement at finding a new, and what we fully expected to be welcoming and useful craft site. We came at the recomendation of a number of experienced and gifted crafters who told us this was a great place. We looked forward to being able to contribute, ask for advice, discuss our crafting triumphs and problems, and yes, on occasion have a little chat perhaps. We were told off for bad manners and pointed at the rules, we apologised for any perceived bad manners (although none had been intended) and VintageViolet opened a thread in a place that seemed to be appropriate. On that thread there were 15 messages, they dealt with sourcing craft magazines, buying heat guns, safety advice on using heat guns, helpful information on using avatars on the forum (it's true I asked a non-craft related question about an emoticon I didn't recognise but I didn't think that should be a problem...I was trying to learn about the site). It was then closed down and the threat of banning bandied about.

        I don't understand. I didn't realise that craft-related chat was not welcome. I am happy to go back and read the rules (again) but if you could clarify it would be helpful.
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          I'm a member of the "gang" but have also been a member of this forum since October last year when I first really started getting "crafty".

          Perhaps the new joiners were a touch overexcited and perhaps did things a little differently to how it normally is around here.

          I have found this forum really helpful at times - including today as a fellow crafter has answered a question I've had for ages.

          Can we just ask what the sections "Non Crafts Related" and "The Craft Living Room" are for then if not general "chat"? I've seen threads in those relating to Big Brother and hay fever etc etc

          This is a polite ask so that we know what we can and can't start topics about.

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            Like I'm bothered.


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              Welcome to the new gang...

              I read the posts and have to agree with beadsage as it sort of reads like this..

              Ever been to a party which you know every body then 5 people turn up who its seems no one really knows and those 5 peeps talk amonst themselves.. You over hear how the dislike this or would do things differently and how the carpet isn't nice, I can't find the fridge etc.. hehee..

              Let us get to know you and get to know us...

              Yes the non related / living room is about chatting but isn't designed to be like msn or other chat sites.. Sorry that the way I like it and so does the community...

              I hope you stick around and look forward to seeing some of your crafts ..

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                Originally posted by overmilkwood View Post
                VintageViolet opened a thread in a place that seemed to be appropriate. On that thread there were 15 messages, they dealt with sourcing craft magazines, buying heat guns, safety advice on using heat guns, helpful information on using avatars on the forum (it's true I asked a non-craft related question about an emoticon I didn't recognise but I didn't think that should be a problem...I was trying to learn about the site)..
                I think the number of different topics covered in that thread was part of the problem. To get better responses to questions (and to help others who may have the same question) it's best to start a new thread with some kind of description in the title - that way members can see at a glance that help is needed on something.

                Think Mr M (0103Media) put it very well in his analysis above btw

                And finally non-craft chat is very very welcome in those sections in 'other stuff' there's been some wonderfully bizarre and irrelevent stuff posted in the past...mostly by Seahorse so hope you'll join in with all of us and become active members of this fab forum
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                  0103media and nattynetty thank you very much for your polite responses. I still don't quite understand why a thread would need to be closed and its contributers threatened with banning because their "chat", albeit craft related, dealt with a couple of varying topics but so be it. It is your forum after all and we are just blow ins.

                  To continue the party analogy, wouldn't it be strange if some people who knew each other turned up at a party and ignored each other? We never meant to offend and have apologised repeatedly. We have not been exclusionary, we have happily chatted to other forum members too. Indeed some of the gang have been members here for a long time (been at the party a while) and had such a nice time here they invited us, they were amongst the people we were chatting to. I admit the comments about the fridge not being quite cold enough weren't great but they weren't intended to be overheard (we hadn't been at the party long enough to realise every conversation was being closely scrutinised - silly of us I know it being an internet forum and all but there you go) and ever since this has been pointed out we have realised it was rather rude and not discussed the decor (even those bits we like may never be divulged now!)

                  It was just a bit scarey to be threatened with expulsion from the party so rapidly, and in a way that seemed to go against all expectations one might have of normal etiquette. Even on this thread when I and another member posted separately two posts seeking clarification we got a curt and to my mind extremely rude reply.

                  To be honest it's kind of hard to warm to this party after that. Which I appreciate might make its hosts quite happy. Just seems a shame when we all should have gotten on so well.



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                    Oh please don't feel like that Annie B

                    This is a lovely, friendly place to come to and talk about anything and everything.

                    I think maybe things went a bit wonky at first, but can we cross little pinkies and "make friends, make friends, never ever break friends"?

                    Seriously, stick around and give us another try......

                    Pretty please?
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                      yes, but, since we are using the party analogy, imagine you were chatting to someone about how to upload an avatar and someone else interjects this into the conversation,

                      "I was going to delete this thread. Don't fill the forum with garbage - we are not MSN chat. Thread closed. Next time I start many warnings do you need?"

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                        Okay, fair enough ... but please don't let one experience cloud your judgement on 99% of the rest of the forum experience.
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                          Have we got to the point yet where we can all have a glass of babycham and start playing a game of Twister!!!


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                            I've got the twister whose got the Babycham!!!!
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                              To top it off im goiong to put on The Nolans "Im in the mooood for dancin'.


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