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  • Urgent help needed

    please please does anyone know where I can get templates or any information on wedding favors in shape of gondola's for venice wedding.I just got an order for my wedding stationary trust this to be the first one I get I can't find anything

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    Grief!! Can't help on that one I am afraid. Hope there is someone out there who can. Good luck.


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      Aw congrats on the order Pauline but I dont know owt about favours, sorry!

      I take it you're needing a 3d "box" of some sort shaped like a gondola?

      You'd think with the mass of wedding themed CDs out there, there'd be something available that would allow you to create whatever shaped template you need then print off however many you want?

      Good luck in your search
      Shaz x
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        I'm not sure entirely what you mean. Just googled quick and found this, probably not what you're after but may give you an idea

        My website:

        My blog:


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          thanks Debeadz this is exactly what I want at least it gives me an idea what to work with.It doesn't look too difficult I hope


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            I`ve just had a job embroidering a Gondola on 30 white hankies!!!

            What is about Venice & Gondolas I wonder???!

            Hope you found what you needed!


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              sorry I havent been on in a while but I've been really busy I did mange to work out the gondola's so thanks for the help.How is everyone doing I've now started selling favors ribbons and lots of crafty things for weddings and accesories as well as my cards and stationary so am really kept quite busy of late after a long spell of nothing doing. I hope everyone is doing well.


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                hey no problem.... I just seen the message and i could of helped i have over 200 designs of favors and designs like you wanted could of been sorted....

                Pleased you got it sorted though.. If you require anything else shout me as our main craft is wedding bouquets, Favors arrangements plus much more.

                team work goes along way so if your stuck shout me mateyi will help you out if you need it


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                  I have been thinking about your gondolas. They would have to be flat bottomed or they wont stand on the table. How about a small box - 2" or 1 1/2" square containing favours with a side view cut out of a gondola about 4" long glued along the side. as a relief. Then if you wanted to go with a cut-out gondolier with a pole he could stand on the box lid.
                  Does all that make sense. i.e. the box acts as the stand for the boat.
                  I could draw what I mean better than explanation. Oh well. never mind.
                  God helps them that help themselves.