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  • Custom Made Shawls, Wraps and Bags

    I am getting a lot of interest from Etsy since I set up a separate Section in my shop for Wedding Accessories, and I am adding to this all the time.

    Any ideas for other outlets.

    Here is a link to my Pages so you can see what I have made. I design the order to suit the brides requirements so patterns and materials change but these are my basics.



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    great stuff.
    have pm'd you
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      youve got some goregous items! Why dont you try approaching independant bridal shops and/or dressmakers, and ask them if you could leave leaflets, or better still, sell them to them!
      I like to make things - usually a mess!
      Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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        Originally posted by Nijani View Post
        I am getting a lot of interest from Etsy since I set up a separate Section in my shop for Wedding Accessories
        What a good idea to set up a separate section Nijani, so pleased its paid off.

        Other outlets? Yeah I agree, maybe the bridalwear shops, perhaps photographers studios? I still think theyd look lovely worn at Christenings too, maybe baby shops?

        Shaz x
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          Thanks for the ideas guys, we have a wedding dress and kilt shop in the next town. I will maybe pluck up courage over the weekend to go in take some samples and have a word.

          I am so glad i joined this forum you guys are great!!


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            What about seeing if there are any forums like this one for weddings? You might be able to place a link/advert on them?
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              I was looking on Vogue the other day and apparently mohair is the big thing for next winter, so berets and scarves in that will go like wild fire I bet. Do you do shrugs?


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                Have you got a website yet? If so, I would be happy to exchange links with you.

                In fact, I'm happy to swap links with anybody that does anything wedding related - just send me an email with a picture and some text.

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                  Hi SilverSurfer,

                  Yes I do make shrugs, I have 1 sample on my Etsy site and have a cream mohair and silk one to make this coming week with a chocolate brown corsage for a lady in the US who is getting married in April.

                  Here is the link


                  Hi Weddingtreasures,

                  Swapping links would be great. I am at work at the mo but will email you over the weekend.

                  Thanks for replying to me guys, it is great to have so much help and support.