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  • Sentimental Keepsake Journal

    I made one of these for my brothers wedding and it was a huge hit.

    Bye a journal that has pretty paper in it. Cut a piece of fabric to cover the journal, including the spines.

    Embroider the bride and grooms names, and date of the wedding on the side of the fabric that should go on the front. Cover the journal as one would a book, then paste pictures of the bride and groom on the inside covers.

    Now in the corners of the pages, cut little slits in a square shape, so that a wallet sized photo can be slid into a page. Basically they would be slits the corners of the photos can fit into.

    At the wedding, pass the journal around and ask guests to write down things they like the most about the bride and/or groom on one page (front and back). Let them know they can also add their photos if they wish.

    This will provide a keepsake that that the bride and groom can pass down for generations.

    The photos are so that the bride and groom can "see" who wrote what since a lot of guests at weddings aren't recognized by name alone, especially at large weddings.

    One can make their own handmade journal like this as well. The guests at my brothers wedding loved the journal and had a great time writing in it during the reception.
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