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Smocked flowergirl dresses

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  • Smocked flowergirl dresses

    Is anyone out there doing smocked flower girl dresses? I love smocking and would like to know if there is a market for this these special dresses for special occasions?

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    It`s quite the same but my friend makes heirloom Christening gowns.

    She did make samples of smocked gowns but people would pay enough for her skill & time.

    Maybe it`s different for Weddings!


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      Hi creativeclare. thanks for the reply. Yes, smocking and heirloom sewing are very close and sometimes even used together on one garment. How did your friend find customers? Do you mind telling me?


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        Well, I make embroidered baby things so we kind of joined forces!

        A local florist did a "Christening" window display so our things were in there.

        Since then it`s been word of mouth, although we do have leaflets around at the local maternity hospital, registry office etc. As you can imagine at £200 a go she only needs a few customers at a time.

        If I go to a Fair, I take samples of Kaths gowns and if Kath goes somewhere, she takes samples of my stuff. Cuts down the workload. We also split trade habby orders and things like that.


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          Thanks again Clare for the ideas. I've just moved to England to get married and all my sewing "stuff" is being shipped. I don't have my sewing machines or smocking pleater here yet - they'll be arriving in about a month so I am itching to get my fingers busy with a sample but I have to wait patiently! While I wait I'm trying to source fabrics and threads etc.

          Good luck to you and Kath.