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    I'm thinking of booking my first wedding fair, its £125 for a table which is a lot of money to me and i'm wondering is it worth it. Would love to hear from some other people in the wedding business that have done wedding fairs. I don't expect to take money on the day, but did doing the fair bring a lot of business your way? would appreciate some help with getting myself out there, apart from doing fairs (which are expensive), facebook and blogging how do you get people to know you're there. I'm just starting out and apart from friends and family i'm finding it very hard to get any sales. I know its not the best time of the year for people to be thinking of weddings so close to Christmas, but was hoping to make and sell a couple of bouquets.
    Kelly x

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    Hi there. Ask ............. How many brides expected at the fair ?

    Leaflet leaflet leaflet and more leaflets.

    This is the start of the fair season when people are looking for ideas.

    Some as far ahead as 2 years.

    Your return will not be instant, but the bigger the fair and more brides the better to take your leaflets and call you when they want something to match the dress etc.

    Good luck
    If you dont have a go ................... you will never know


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      Hi, Been attending wedding fairs for approx 20 years now. Originally I said 8/9 but forgot I used to sell wedding cakes before wedding stationery. 20 years ago you could get a few orders on the day but now it is not so easy to get any orders. I suggest you set up a website to advertise your goods and that will give people more time to decide what they want and I would also try and concentrate on fresh flowers but take a small range of artificial with you. I had a look at your facebook page and it looks like you do both types.

      The secret of getting business is through word of mouth so will take time. Best of luck and let us know how you get on at your first fair.



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        Hi, What do you provide? I mean is it flowers, stationery, or something else? I have done a few wedding fairs and to be honest they are a bit hit and miss. If you work in small locallity, it is best to do the fairs that are closer to you, and try to find out how many traders are selling the same as you, a little competion can be good but if the fair is swamped with the same thing you will have to offer something extra special to get anywhere. I found that brides like to go to almost every wedding fair they can get to so that they can compare what they have seen, so you wont take any money on the night, but have an appointment book and offer a no obligation private appointment to suit them to discuss their own wedding. I always got aprox 10 appointments and once you have their attention you can really push your wares. I am just selling up now cos I am retireing but if there is anything I can help with I will be happy to. good luck


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          Hi there, I used to work for one of the big high street department stores on their wedding department and we held wedding fairs 4 times a year in the shopping centre that joined onto the store front and we invited local small businesses to come and exhibit their services over the weekend , for a fee which covered advertising materials, cost of space in the shopping centre etc, and we always got great feed back from our businesses. you might not get a whole lot of bookings on the day but it gets your name out locally and that's the best thing for your business. Best of luck


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            i wonder: did you do the fair?