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How do you get your wedding clients?

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  • How do you get your wedding clients?

    I'd be interested to hear how you all find your wedding clients or rather how have they found you?

    I've been lucky really in that mine have all come through word of mouth.
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    I've only done one set of invites for a friend and they obviously came through word of mouth. It's one thing I keep meaning to focus on but I just haven't got the time at the moment.
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      Word of mouth unless seen my embellishments on website and asked that way.

      So far, the invites, thank you's and save the date cards have all come from friends who have been a recipient of one of my cards at some point and its gone from there. Always find it handy to make sure I give them a congratulations on engagement card and my details on the back!!! Its worked both times!!

      Although its really nice to be asked to do 50 cards, I'd hate to just do that all the time as I like to be creative and see how things end up (usually different from how I thought they would!)

      Erm. Does that answer the question?!!


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        A friend of mine makes wedding cakes and she gets most of her business from word of mouth. She also leaves business cards/postcards in local hotels and florists.

        I make wedding favours and use a corner of my craft stall to set them out with promotional postcards, they always get a lot of interest. I've also spoken to a few photographers that have told me that they get asked for wedding contacts for favours, jewellery etc, so they are also worth talking to if you have a few local ones.

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          my business is full time and I proactively market and advertise my business. I attend wedding fayres at the higher class hotels and wedding venue locations. I also have an advert in the yellow pages and I have a sponsored listing in two regions on


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            ...slightly unrelated but a friend of mine who is a makeup artist advertises on gay community websites like rainbow network for same sex unions...her business has really picked up on the back of people being 'civilised'...i'm sure it'd work in other spe******ms too
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              Havent been on here for so long!
              Right this year I booked three wedding fairs, they are now done and with that I offered a promotion, make an order before end of 2007 and they'd get an extra % off the order.
              I've done a local leaflet drop, contacted my local florists and offered to put them on my website in exchange for the same.
              All the craft fairs I do I always state I make wedding stationery and have leaflets to hand.
              I was recently on google adwords (but just cancelled it)
              Word of mouth
              and as from January 08 I will be in the wedding guide in Yellow Pages!!

              So heres hoping - lol

              Hope that lot helps give other peeps ideas too.
              Deanne x

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                Most of mine are through my website but I do put them up on ebay every now and again and when I do they sell on there too. I have sold 1 couple on Etsy, none on Tuggle and none on Dawanda!
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