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Help on posting beaded wedding topper

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  • Help on posting beaded wedding topper

    I made my friend her wedding topper and garlands for her wedding in two weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they turned out, I put them on my fb and another friend who is getting married in Nov has asked me if I could make her one, my worry is how would I post it without it getting damaged as I am not attending the wedding and too far just to take it down, I have said I will get back to her and have searched for an answer but still unsure if I want to post something like this!

    Any thoughts?

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    It sounds to me like this would be similar to posting a tiara, which I've never done, but there will be people on here who have. You'd definitely need a box, and maybe cut up lots of bits of bubblewrap to pack around the vulnerable bits?
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      I post pottery to customers all the time, wrapped in bubble wrap and padded with screwed up newspaper. With something more delicate though, I would wrap it in bubble wrap, put it inside a box, then wrap that box in bubble wrap or screwed up newspaper and put it inside a bigger box. The outer box would take any knocks.


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        thanks, I am not sure if bubble wrap would secure the fountain enough to stop it moving and bending the wires out of shape, might have to do a dummy run I think lol


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          Try a getting a box, place your topper in the box and then pack tightly with polystyrene peanuts to stop it moving. The peanuts should fill in small gaps and protect it whilst also stopping it from moving. Just a thought>


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            shoe box or other box with lid lots of acid free tissue paper screwed up and then nestle the items in that . add more screws of tissue to cover it. put lid on box. wrap in bubble wrap and then parcel bag and I've never had problems with them getting from one place to another.
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