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Just back from first Bridal Fair

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  • Just back from first Bridal Fair

    Hi Folks

    Well, just back, sore feet and tried

    Had a great day, really enjoyed it, nervous.

    It was very busy, plenty of exitced brides and bored grooms !!!!

    Made lots of new contacts, got good feeback on my stock

    Made a sells

    ready to do another, LOL
    Hopefully this will lead to more sells through the web site

    Thanks everybody for your good advice and wishes
    Elegant Designs


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    So pleased you had a good time. A sale is even better!

    Hope you get lots of business from it.
    Ali x

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      Great, let's hope those contacts lead to great things.


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        I'm pleased that you enjoyed the day. And even better that you made a sale.
        I did my first wedding fair last month & it's great to get feedback from people about your stock.
        Hope that you get some more sales soon.
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          Hi. Glad it went well for you, especially being your first.

          Well done.


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            Congratulations on getting a sale and glad that the wedding fair went well for you.

            Be warned though - they are addictive, lol!! I should know as I am on my 3rd and just wanna keep doing more.

            Look forward to seeing some photos on Facebook,

            Hope this is the start of lots of sales,

            Trudy xx


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              glad it all went well for you, I did my first fair of the season today, I'm exhausted!


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                Congratulations on your first wedding fair sale and glad you enjoyed it. My first wedding fair of the season is this Sunday and I am only doing another one in October but honestly once you are known by the wedding venues, you will be in undated. I have been invited to at least another 4 but I have had to decline as they are all so expensive.
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                  Thanks everyone for your comments, it was a great day

                  I was asked would I like to attend one this Sunday (other things plan) , plus one next month !!!

                  I have booked to do another end of Feb, start of March

                  Gbel and Dizzydiza- pleased your fairs went well , hopefully plenty of orders

                  Trudy - i will get some photos up on Facebook.

                  Does it take much time for brides to email/ enquire after the bridal fairs?

                  Once again a big thank you
                  Elegant Designs



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                    depends really, Ive had someone keep my details for 18 months and then come into the shop, but then had someone from Sundays fair waiting outside for me on Monday morning!


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                      I Make metal roses and calla lillies - I think the wedding market would be very good to sell to but havent a clue who to contact?
                      Do you have any ideas where to start?

                      Ricky Bower - Metal Artist


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                        Originally posted by tiara sara View Post
                        Does it take much time for brides to email/ enquire after the bridal fairs?
                        You will find that the majority of brides start looking for their wedding items 2 years ahead of the wedding, and will not buy until nearer the date. My friend sells diamante tiaras and will not sell to people if the wedding is too far away as they will tarnish before the date.
                        So a percentage will the current years brides and others future brides,so leaflet leaflet leaflet. And if you want to track the success of the particular fairs, identify each one with a different code on the leaflets and you can ask them to quote this when you convert the sale later.
                        If you dont have a go ................... you will never know