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    Hi everyone, my name is Sally and I make tiaras, fascinators and hats etc. I wasnt sure if this was the best place to post this question but as its a wedding related business here goes. Where do you market your business? I suppose if there was a straight forward answer we would all be rich. I am a small business I have attended wedding fairs and advertised locally but it all very expensive isnt it. The better results seem to come through google and the internet but has anyone had any real sucess stories they could share. How do people find you? I live in Wiltshire and would love to hear from anyone with local knowledge.


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    have you tried the wedding planner magazine? you get a free online add and they are discounting their adds for the magazine I(may be too late now thou as went to print this month) i have an ad here & i gt quite a lot from there i think with the way times are its hard to a huge amount of business at the mo Jewellery xparties are good too if u can display your tiaras too i've got a few orders that way x sorry not much good :-(
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      Marketing your business is whole different skill to making your products as you have found out. And as you so rightly say, if it was easy or there was a simple answer, we would all be rich.

      There are techniques which you can learn, but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort.

      Wedding products are uniquely placed, because they are a one time purchase, however you can market to other members of the wedding party.

      Have you tried adwords and social network marketing? Some articles from here may help I really think you need to develop a strategy where you sell your wedding range but have backend products to focus on to make extra revenue.

      Advertising in wedding magazines for small companies is crazy expensive, unless you really know what you are doing, so I would avoid it unless you are getting a great response.


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        wedding fairs is the best bet, but I agree they are stupidly expensive.

        I have done a few magazine adverts, they do help in getting your name known, but not as much as the wedding fairs, one thing i have found is, do the bigger ones and dont slog away at the small hotel ones.


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          Word of mouth is by far my best advertising. I am always really chuffed when someone comes on the reccomendatation of a friend.
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            Thank you all I will look into planning a bigger fair I think although again very expensive. I asked for a price for the Wedding show in London and the price was staggering for a 6ft square space.
            Local networking is my way forward I think I will look at the link, thanks


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              For advertise your products you can organize a fair, and you can also advertise your products in any forums include the pictures of your products.So that the people select the right things...


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