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    how does everyone promote their wedding items and which method do you find best?

    Ive found that wedding fairs seem the best way for me, online advertising doesnt seem to pay rewards, like on a wedding site for instance im not getting many hits on the website from them

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    Hi there, I take commisions from people who know me or have seen my work via the internet
    Though just recently I have been asked to put my wedding cake toppers in a bridal shop on a sale or return basis, can't give you any feedback on that yet
    I am also having cards printed to put around bridal shops
    Hope that helps


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      Yep pound for penny wedding fayres are the places that get me the best return. Advertising just for the hell of it is such a drain. I do have a listing in the local yellow pages and in the Scottish Wedding Directory but I dont get much work out of either of them.
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        I haven't done a wedding fair - yet! I think when I do I will get quite a bit of business from them, no-one else sells dress boxes that are personalised in Scotland as far as I can tell!
        I post in a wedding forum, which lets me advertise for free (I do also have a paid for listing with them) There are a few other wedding forums that let you post your business, so it is worth setting aside an hour or two and sifting through them all. I don't post if it isn't allowed.
        I also send extra business cards to previous customers, they pass them to their friends. I send previous customers special deals as well, so they want to return.
        I went round local businesses and begged them to stock my cards last month, quite a few did, the bridal dress shop, a photographer, to art shop (who get a lot of invitation enquiries in) and a couple of other places. Not heard anything back yet but it is early days and I am still hopeful!

        I think for big orders though wedding fairs are the way to go. Although they do cost a lot to exhibit at them, there are a lot of brides there so I think it may be very worthwhile!
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