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last minute wedding fair

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  • last minute wedding fair

    I phoned a place that is doing a wedding fair on sunday, just on the off chance that i might get a cheeky place, offered them half the amount they were asking for and they agreed!!

    give it a go, might get something out of this recession after all!

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    Brilliant! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
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      Well done! Good luck hope it all goes well


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        Clever move. Hope it goes well.


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          What a good idea, well done you!!! Good luck with it.

          Nat x


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            How much do you usually have to pay for a stall at a wedding fayre?
            I would love to try and exibit at 1?



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              A bit of gentle cheek can often pay off - hope you do well.
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                well its wasnt that good as they only had 60 brides through the door, luckily i managed a couple of sales and booked a consultation. However most of the other exhibitors were pretty upset about it. I paid £80 and the normal price was £160. Most fairs seem to be around the £140-£180 mark for a one day one at a hotel. I did a larger 2 day one at the confetti show and i got it for £299 for the two days, although the larger stalls are much more

                on balance the larger one was better value for money


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                  Gay Wedding Fair

                  This happened to us aswell. We asked this week if we could get into a wedding fair in Brighton and they said no but offered us a Gay Wedding Fair in London for a fraction of the cost. Infact its going to cost us more in parking and travelling then the fair itself. Its this sunday and I hope all our effort is going to be worth it.
                  Auntie Peg


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                    gbell you did really well for a hotel exhibition. When I first started with them all I managed to get out was my leaflets & business cards. The average number would be about 45 to 50. Now that I am a bit better known I do take appointments and orders at them but again if I get one or two that is really good. The worst hotel exhibition that I did only 13 people came through the door and I only gave out 6 cards!
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                      ah well i feel better now thanks! i did the rounds of bridal fairs before i did one, some were good, some seemed awful.

                      Love to know how the gay wedding fair goes Auntie Peg!