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    I would love to make and sell handmade tiara's and fasinators but I'm not really sure where to start? I have ideas in my head but not sure how to produce a finished article!! Did you teach yourselves to make them or did you go on a course? Any tips / ideas would be greatly received!!

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    I have only made a few but I am entirely self taught; same with all my jewellery really. The bead shop in Nottingham sells a book on tiara making, I think it is based on the classes they do. I have heard good things aboout it but not purchased it myself.

    I am about to watch a tiara making dvd, I will let you know how that goes and give you the name of it if it is any good.

    Other than that, just get yourself some wire, crystals and tiaras and have a go at making something


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      I made some on my own - then did a course at beadykate in Wigan which was brilliant, id recommend doing one just to get some advice on wire twisting


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        I am self taught on tiaras, but I learned to manipulate wires years ago on florist course . I did dismantle the ready made components you can buy eg the diamante branches. This is the basic method for a simple construction of a tiara. I did go on a jewellery making course at The Bead Shop in Nottingham and a fascinator making course with Janette Sendler in Edinburgh and then again the wire wrapping course with In the Studio in Kegworth but basically its down to your own ideas with the general design of tiaras.
        Go for it...its a good feeling knowing that some bride is getting married wearing something you have made for her
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          I done a course with the tiara school which was a one day course for about 90 quid! leart about tiaras and when and how they come about and then learnt how to make componants and head band an dthen had 4hrs to create something.... since then i have only just started to make a tiara which i will post a pic when i finish as its for a friend soooo far its looking good!