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Finding Wedding Fayres to Exhibit at

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  • Finding Wedding Fayres to Exhibit at

    Hi all

    I was wondering, how do I go about finding local wedding fayres to attend and exhibit at. The business (wedding albums/invitations etc.) is fairly new and I haven't really got much further than the website and a few small local "for friends" type commissions.

    Any help would be warmly received!

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    I think your first port of call is local hotels and wedding venues - just ring them up and ask if they are holding any wedding fairs and if they any free space / tables for exhibitors. They should be quite approachable. Only problem you might have is if they already have regular stationery suppliers they may not want to take on any more, you can always ask to go on a waiting list.

    Then you the big national exhibitions like the NEC in Birmingham, the SECC in Glasgow and I think Earls Court/Olympia in London and the Metro Centre in Newcastle. Very expensive if you are just starting out.

    Here are a few links that might help and you can always just google "wedding fair {your local area}".

    Hope this helps.