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    Was wondeirng if anyone knew or could tell me how to make wedding favours. You know the ones that are made of net with the ribbon round them (usually have sugared almonds in).

    Would really appreciate it.


    Katie x

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    You get some net (you can actually buy pre cut) choose the shape you wish experiment a little, squares give peeks whilst round gives more of a pompom look.
    layer a couple of layers together use a mix of colours eg light blue and ivory place five almons into the centre and then bring all the edges into the middle and tie with ribbon.
    add a label to say "thank you for sharing our day with us" or some other fitting sentiment.
    You can add additions to compliment your theme eg feathers etc.
    There are traditionally 5 almonds to signify health wealth happiness friendship and fertility.
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      My friend made some for her wedding quite easily. You need a square or circle of net about 12" (30cm) and a small circle of stiff card about 2" or 5cm to hold the bottom in shape. Then you just put the card in the bottom, almonds on top and gather the net up and tie a ribbon round them just above the sweets.
      You need stiff net rather than soft or they won't keep their shape. You can also use organza or similar as an extra layer on the outside as well as the net.



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        Not sure where you are but Hobbycraft sell all the nets and dishes along with the sugar almonds etc.


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          You can make your own from scratch or you can buy pre made packs .
          The pre made packs usually come with your little plastic trays for your sweeties, nets, ribbons to tie around the nets and tags for ou names and thank yous, all you have to do is supply the sweeties which can be anything form sugared almonds to dolly mixtures, anything goes these days depending on the style of your wedding.
          MAKING YOUR OWN:
          To make your own make circles from tulle netting which can be bought by the metre ,make small circles for the bases from co ordinating card ,add you sweeties gather up your nets tie them together and attach your tags.
          VOILA you will have some gorgeous fluffy wedding favours.
          Hope this helps
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            Thanks everyone... Really appreciate it! x


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              I went to a wedding in the summer, where the bride and her mum had made a cookie with the name of the guest and wrapped them up in floral celophane like florists use. They were in the shape of stars as this was their wedding thme!!
              I thought that was a lovely favour!!



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                when i made mine I layered 3 circles of net, they looked very pretty
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