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    I make and sell wooden horse shoes and rolling pins,and decorated wooden spoons with a laminated verse. for weddings birthdays etc.
    people always say how "clever i am" or "How good the are", but never purchase them what am i doing wrong? it gets very disallusioning when this happensm I feel like giving up. is it something i am doing wrong?
    Arty Fran

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    Don't get upset I am the same get lots of comments, how beautiful, lovely reasonable etc etc but sometimes do not sell. It could be that this is not want they want at the time. Do you give them a business card or leaflet when they comment say something like "Thank you for your kind comments can I give you a card/leaflet in case you want to purchase a particular gift in the future" they are unlikely to say no, some may bin the card but some may hold onto it, then have a wedding and think I know what I can get them.

    Good Luck


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      Don't be disillusioned Fran - it can take years to build up a decent customer base. If the comments you're getting are positive then you must be doing something right so keep at it and remember - Rome wasn't built in a day.

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        I get a lot of those comments too - but sales are lacking!
        That said, I'm starting to get returning customers which is lovely. My business is quite new still. It would be lovely to think sales will pick up and keep me busy!
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