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  • Inspired by CF members!

    A few weeks ago I posted to ask for advice on Wedding Themes for 2008. I`m basing my "collection" (sounds grand dunnit??) around the suggestions I was very kindly given.

    I`m new to Flickr and rubbish at taking photos but herewith is a rough idea of what I`ve been up to. I love darkest black on pure, pure white. I will change the name as I don`t think Black n` Bling is a really appropriate sales pitch!

    The package comprises of a bridal purse, ring pillow and garter.[email protected]/


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    very trendy love black and white together
    Jan xx


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      Looking good! And you could be right about the bling - probably not a common bridal term!
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        Just wow!

        The black and white is stunning. It gives me little shivers. Wish I was getting married again!! :0) Maybe I should consider renewing my vows...[email protected]/


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          I love it! i'm all about some monochrome!

          good job you!


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            Oooh - love the monochrome - very stylish ! For some reason reminds me of Audrey Hepburn..


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              Originally posted by BeadsbyLili View Post
              Oooh - love the monochrome - very stylish ! For some reason reminds me of Audrey Hepburn..

              That`s really odd. I was thinking Audrey Hepburn but I really don`t know why. Perhaps someone else can shead some light on it!

              Rather than black n' bling, perhaps I`ll call it Audrey or maybe after one of her films......apart from I don`t know any!!!

              Thanks for all the nice comments. I was really surpised that I liked B&W so much...not me at all. i`ve got some more ideas but ti all takes time!


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                Wow Wow Wow. Just love this collection well done you.
                Pity you cant use Tiffinays( Check Spelling) or Monte Carlo she was in both movies.


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                  oh wow, I love monochrome - these are just delish!!! Very chic and elegant

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                    Theyre really beautiful and so classic

                    Maybe you could google some Audrey films, I can think of any other than Breakfast at Tiffany's that Janice has already mentioned

                    Or maybe if its for a collection, you could just use B&W on its own like a fancy arty logo?

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                      Now that really works. Wouldn't mind getting married with that look. Whoops I'm already married (wore red actually) so don't think its very likely!