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  • Valentines Cards

    Well, I'll be the first to kick this section off!!

    Links to some of my valentines cards - feel free to have a rumage through all my pics (including the dodgy fimo feet!)

    Made some valentine cards with handpainted ceramic buttons from (pictureinstitches) which are simply beautiful - but not taken any pics yet as its always dark!!!!!!!!

    Let me know what you think![email protected]/2158833664/[email protected]/2158036173/

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    Lovely job!

    ...They are really lovely...had a quick browse of the others, the Turkey one made me LOL. Also had a look at the BloomingFelt buttons. Wow...

    TipTop & Sarah are so talented. Wish I could make buttons like those! I am inspired to get my cardmaking stuff out, just to make a Valentine's card for Himself. i have so much cardmaking & scrapbooking stuff all going to waste.

    Apple Tree Crafts


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      Great cards been making mine this week all done now

      I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live In It


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        Thank you!

        I'm usually a hoarder and keep stuff for ages before doing anything with them - BloomingFelt heart buttons were a total exception as I had an idea what to do with them before I purchased!!

        However the little beaded balls are another thing - I can see me having them for a while - taking them out of the little bag, having a look and touch and putting them back!!

        I get insipration all the time!! Had a fab idea driving down the motorway slip road this afternoon on the way back from Chester!!!!!

        Just too little time