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crocheting christmas decs with DMC cotton

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  • crocheting christmas decs with DMC cotton

    So i want to make some decorations with DMC cotton like snowflakes and angels.

    Can anyone answer the following questions:

    1. Which is the best type of starch to stiffen them?
    2. I'm using white cotton and would like to make some glittery, what is the best process?
    3. Which is the best size hook?

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    Hi, I'm a new member and searching around the Craft Forum site - did you get an answer to your questions here?

    I crochet angels, bells and snowflakes for Christmas using a variety of DMC cottons from very fine to quite course.

    The main problem I had in the beginning was finding a suitable form to stiffen the angels and bells over - polystyrene works best but you have to search for the cones and bell shapes. The the best stiffening material is called 'Stiffy' and I haven't been able to buy this in the UK for quite a while - fortunately I have family in Canada and get it through them.
    I use it 100%, soaking the crocheted item overnight if possible in a sealed container, squeeze it out gently, not too much, and stretch over the chosen form (cover form in cling film beforehand), and pin the edges to shape using quilting pins (best to use a cork board here also covered with clingfilm). While still wet, you can sprinkle the fairy dust over the item to get that sparkle. When dry, remove from the form carefully and trim as you wish with ribbons, sequins, beads, flowers, etc.

    For the hook size, most patterns give yarn to use and hook size but I'd advise going for one that gives a firm structure to your work. Test them using your yarn and see how the hook covers it, then try a small piece to see if you're happy with it.

    Sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs here, hope the above is helpful ...


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      Thank you for the info.