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    Hi everyone Im new to all this. I'm an artist and recently started printing my artwork onto card in the hope of selling them. The problem is all the card I have tried is too thin. The Matt card i have tried is thick enough but gives poor colour quality. Does anyone know of any gloss or semigloss card out there thats thick enough and doesn't look like cheap photopaper? I've tried many supposed 300gsm but they all seem too thin.

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    I use 330gsm which my local printers use for business cards so they sell me a double A4 size for 25p a sheet. It has a slight sheen.
    Alternatively try, been mentioned on here before, you can download their catalogue but I always send for a free paper copy. You can buy from them for about £1.50 a card swatch which is a 3-4" square sample pack of all the card thickness and finishes that they do. The more you buy the cheaper it gets. Just out of interest, how big are your cards because 300gsm or 330gsm should be more that enough for most cards. I only use it because the weight in the layers, glue and varnish of my cards will not let my cards stand up or hold their shape. Or...just a thought.... print on to paper, stick it onto card, put layer of clear acetate on top with a border around it. I have a birthday card and a Valentine card in my album where I have used acetate for a glossy background.



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      Some 300gsm card used by professional printers feels as thin if not thinner than 'rougher' or textured 220gsm. I use various weigh cards and find the smooth printing 300gsm is strong enough despite feeling thinner than you would expect. Professional card such as this helps to give a good colour and stop the ink bleeding.

      I usually buy 300gsm printing card in bulk and split it between my crafting friends at cost, price does vary depending what the printers paper/card supplier charges him. It has recently cost me about 8p/sheet but I usually buy 500-1000 sheets.