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First Xmas Fair.... How much stock?

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  • First Xmas Fair.... How much stock?

    Hello All ^^
    So I am going to my first Christmas fair in December to sell decorated candles, I have only been running a month and I only do made to order so I am a little daunted about producing lots of stock (putting monies up front) now I just don't know how much stock to take!

    littleredria ****** (mod edit: please read the rules about posting URL's before 25 posts!)

    I was wondering how many of each design/ type of crafty items people tend to make up for these events?

    Thank you
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    Under this thread is a list of topics where this has been asked several times before. Read through those and you'll have your answer.
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      It's always difficult knowing how much to take with you.
      As a rule though, people tend to want to buy on the day and take away. If you are a regular stall, as clients get to know you more they become happier to order form you.

      Why not make a small batch of each colour and fragrance and see how you go. It's a bit of a learning curve and even those of us who have run stalls for years still get it wrong sometimes.
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