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Snowflakes out of Q-Tips!

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  • Snowflakes out of Q-Tips!


    We got creative with some Q-Tips this past weekend, when thinking about the soon to come snow!

    They are simple, a little bit of glue and Q-Tips, string and sparkles. (Though the color of sparkles I chose doesn't stand out in the picture!)

    Hope you like!
    Crafty Critters teaching easy crafts for kids of all ages!

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    I was intrigued to find out what Q tips were so I had to look at your post just because I didn't know that they are in fact cotton buds! Now I do . What a great way to find a new use for them! The snowflake is very effective, and yes, it's a shame the glitter doesn't show up very much. I bet they look even better when they sparkle.
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      Lovely idea, love the way crafty folk can make something out of a everyday object


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        I have a habit of getting into a crafty mood when I'm low on supplies so I just dig through the kitchen or bathroom LOL.

        And good to know that not everyone knows them as Q-Tips, guess I've got blinders on as I am from overseas in Canada

        Speaking on things made from house hold items... look what I made last night thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids-paperbagturkey-2.JPG
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        Crafty Critters teaching easy crafts for kids of all ages!


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          that is a great idea. It is so simple and yet a great project.


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            That's cool. My wife goes through so many of those things.
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