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  • Bell ideas please

    I have acquired a lot of silver bells (they were attached to wedding placecards) and I would like to make something with them for my charity. Any ideas please? They are traditional bells with a clapper, not jingle bells. About an inch high.

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    Mine were brass bells but things I've done that sold (but be warned I'm weird and my customers are weirder): I've strung about 6 on a pretty ribbon (mine wasn't a ribbon it was a hand woven woolen braid).
    Attached them to a small wooden toy. That one was a horse but it could have been a sheep, goat, cow or llama.
    Incorporated them in willow and corn dolly type rattles. (Whey hey! I sold 4 of those at a Street Theatre cum Harvest Celebration yesterday!)
    Attached them to the corners of cloth purses (hanging pockets with 3 corners) or used them like a button on a fold over purse.

    Something I remember from being a child are fabric building blocks with a bell insde.

    Something I saw at my last modern fair - Xmas decorations like wreaths and Xmas tree decorations made of silver and white sparkly twisted wire hung with silver spangles.....and silver bells.

    Annie and Anna


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      Thank you very much for that. Something to go on now


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        How about making ceiling hangings.

        Take some transparent solo cups. start with 12 cups. Staple the cups together so that they form a circle.
        Now do the same with 9 cups to form another circle.
        Keep this second circle with the first circle of cups and staple again. Attach few bells inside them. If You wish, you could also fix some small led lights, ribbon flowers.

        If you cut the top rim of the cups with zig zag edged scissors it will look nice. Also you could punch holes in the bottom center of the cups before you start and string them together with a thread to keep them together.


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          Thank you Jay15


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            Attach them to some kind of circle, like a bell Christmas wreath.


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