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Free of charge Grundtvig workshop in Poland "Creative Christmas"

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  • Free of charge Grundtvig workshop in Poland "Creative Christmas"

    We would like to invite you to free of charge Grundtvig workshop “Creative Christmas” organized in Poland (Lublin).

    The workshop combines creativity and creative thinking with various Christmas traditions and techniques of preparing Christmas decorations. It is a unique chance to meet people from different countries and cultures, share experience and spend great time in Lublin – City of Inspiration.

    Time: December 3rd-9th, 2012
    Venue: Lublin, Poland
    Target group: people over 50, capable of communicating in English (basic level A2), interested in the subjects of workshop
    Accommodation and subsistence: fully provided by the workshop organizer
    Travel costs: reimbursed after participant’s arrival

    The workshop is organized by “Initiative Fund” Foundation and is funded with support from the European Commission. Our workshop is totally free for participants – workshop organizer covers the costs of travel, accommodation, catering and workshop activities and materials for the accepted participants.

    Rules and criteria of participation in the workshop and learner application form you will find on our website.

    If you are interested to apply or you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email:
    Anna Jesionek - [email protected]
    Ewelina Szafraniec - [email protected]
    Marlena Wosiak - [email protected]

    Feel welcome to participate in our workshop!

    We would also appreciate if you would forward this information to any persons or organizations in your city/region/country that might be interested in the topic of our workshop.