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I know it's early, but....

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  • I know it's early, but....

    I am already starting to think about making things for Christmas presents for friends and family, and maybe to even sell for other people's, but don't want things to look overly Christmasy as I want people to wear them all year long. I make jewellery and usually just one offs so they feel more special. I was thinking maybe Christmas colours, red, white, green and blue? Would love to hear opinions on what sort of thing you'd wear all year round but still have a hint of the winter times.


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    I'm looking too and have decided to go for a winter theme rather than Christmas - a bit like Birmingham did when they accidemntally started that urban myth that in order to be multicultural and PC we had to call it all Winterval!

    So I am looking at early Victorian colours, winter flowers, rich jewel colours, rich plaid and such stuff! I'll probably make sure it all has red or green or gold in it too, just to make sure it is obviously Christmassy!

    Does that sound right? I am doubting myself now!
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      I always make a few obviously Christmas items, but I don't want to be left with obviously christmas items as they don't really sell the rest of the year. I largely do ice, and sparkle which can be sold all year round.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        You can never have enough Christmas. We all need more Christmas...
        See the issue though. Why not go with whites, silvers, crystals, pale blues. All Ice Queen like. Then it will be classy and Christmassy


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          I can see I am at a disadvantage - I don't like sparkly silver crystally things!!

          I may have to have a re-think
          Do not watch this space


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            Definitely winter themed then! I do love sparklies and could make earring/necklace/bracelet sets quite easily in ice colours. I'm probably going to do icy blues as I love colour too much to just make everything clear.


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              Rich reds work all year round, as do deep forest greens, but together they look really Christmassy. Go for opulence with velvets or jewelling or something. And it's not too early to start for Christmas! I've been knitting odds and sods for our Christmas fair since late March!


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                I think you are really lucky because jewellery seldom looks overly Christmassy... my sister has an old pair of Monty Don earrings which are set off by fabulous tartan bows (still wish he kept his hand in hewellery).

                I too, have a list of Christmas Tutorials ready to go and have decided that I will be doing some craft fairs with kits this year