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Secret Santa ~ Thank you for my gift~ Show and Tell

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  • Secret Santa ~ Thank you for my gift~ Show and Tell

    So Christmas day is the day when we can all finally open our gifts.[IMG]http://******************/xmas-smiley-7700.gif[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://******************/xmas-smiley-7617.gif[/IMG]It would be really lovely to say thank you publicly and to share your gifts with us all.[IMG]http://******************/xmas-smiley-7755.gif[/IMG]


    (Indri please decorate this thread!!!)
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    Thank you soooo much Tracy(sorry dont know your Forum name) for my lovely bag, egg cosy's, tissue holder, and coasters! they are fabulous! and will be well used...i love them!
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      Thanks soooooo much to Ellen from Clickety Click (sorry, don't know your forum name) for my lovely lambs wool gloves. I love them!!!!!


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        Thank you so much for my lovely charm bracelet, it is very pretty!

        Merry Christmas everyone!
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          Thank you my Secret Santa Angel.....I absolutely love lavender so my relaxation pamper kit is perfect.....thank you soooo much!! Happy Christmas!!
          Sarah x

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            OK, fess up! Who was my Secret Santa? Thank you so much for the beautiful t-light holder - wooden things are my absolute weakness and I love it. Even the t-light is beautiful!




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              Thank you so much to my Secret Santa Nightingale! I absolutely love this gift - it is something I really needed too x
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                Thanks to my Secret Santa, Fiona from Samigails Gifts for the lovely wooden gifts; a beautiful trinket box with 'Claires Bead Box' pyrographed on the lid, a cat bookmark and a lovely Christmas tree star!! The box especially is brilliant, I usually keep odd beads in a plastic takeaway box with a cracked lid, so it'll be lovely to have a proper home for them now :-)

                I'll post pics up when my camera batteries are charged

                Merry Christmas Everyone

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                  Thank you very much to my Secret Santa - I have been lucky enough to receive a fabulous collection of Christmas tree candles, of which I will take a picture later.

                  Now I have a confession, since I received the package my friends and I have been poking, sniffing and gently rattling it to try and work out what it was... the candles have an amazing scent and I really cannot work out how they were made. I feel so pleased to have received such a fantastic gift.

                  I am now going to have to check out Lisa of Candles by Lisa's website.

                  Am chuffed to bits

                  Merry Christmas, everyone



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                    Sorry won't be opening mine till Thursday but will tell all then. So a thank you to my secret santa anyway so they don't feel unappreciated.

                    Some lovely gifts appearing on here.

                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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                      Oh Secret Santa Indri, thank you so much for Clara the Christmas Fairy, she is absolutely gorgeous, so delicate I'm scared to touch her!! Will take photos to share tomorrow. Thank you again.

                      Tarinasecret santa 005.jpg
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                        Thank you Jenna Odie for my lovely photo book the decoration on it is lovely, also thank you for my two softie reindeer ornaments they are now on the tree.


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                          Thanks very much to my SS .. Bodrighy.. I recieved a beautiful bowl and some yummy choc's to go with it. Its beautiful wood with lovely grian in it and i have tied to do it justice with my pic's but wine intake for the day isnt helping! What wood is it... my hubby has guessed Rosewood or Elm? Thanks again and happy christmas and new year to all.


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                            Ok I give up.. cant load up pics... my photos are on my zoombrowser from my camera so emailing seems to be the only option. Pics are not on the internet/blog/ photobucket. Will give it another bash tomorrow!


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                              Thank you Claire for my bowl for wool It is great. It's taking pride of place on the unit by the sofa so when I knit I can then keep oddments of wool in it, or perhaps the odd tiny project.

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