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  • Christmas Cards....

    Oh my days!

    The intention for today - tidy up card stock etc - DONE Gives one self a pat on the back, all tidy FOR NOW!

    Then I saw an empty desk waiting to be filled with a new project ... Yep, I have started making my cristmas cards. Well.... We havent had any summer yet so may as well get started.

    Anyone else started making their christmas cards? Do you have a favourite type of card that you like to make year in year out?

    My faves are Christmas Puddings and Mince Pies. Oh and last year I made a wicked Hot chocolate one with a little help from the net.

    Right, I best go tidy up my desk again. (hehehehehe I even have a dumping drawer to throw everything in at the end of the day so the desk looks nice and tidy. )

    Chow for now xxx
    Lisa. xx

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    I used to make my own Christmas cards- before i discovered jewells.

    I remember being on a night shift, all the nuns were asleep (i worked in a convent) (no funny comments please)
    Anyway my card design (!) was a template Stars, snowmen bells etc placed onto card ad silver/gold sprayed onto card then lift the template off.
    Was feeling quite ill by the morning, think the sisters woundered what i'd been up to....
    Now i'm tooo lazy to bother which is terrible...


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      I am already thinking of Halloween and trying to come up with ideas for Halloween Candles - me finks black and orange somefink!!! Then on to the Christmas ones - but not started them only ideas in my head.



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        Everyone is talking about Christmas..I can't even begin to think about Christmas cards yet! Though I know alot of my customers are as my Christmas CD is selling like mad! Last year my cards were pretty simple as I left it really late. Maybe that should tell me to get something organised earlier!!
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          Ohhh I haven't even started thinking out Christmas Cards yet. I love card making and I love Christmas but for some reason I don't like making Xmas cards!!!

          Weird eh?!!!

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            I saw the autumn schedule for TV being advertised on BBC1 yesterday!!I couldnt beleive it, wheres our summer!!??


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              I've started thinking about it.
              But the trouble with me is that I need to have ideas swirling through my head for a while before I commit.....


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                I have made some already and put some on my stall the other weekend and yes they did sell lol the lady said she had neve seen any so nice before and just had to have them

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                  If anyone is interested I have a great easy *and free!* Video project for making a Christmas Tree pop-up card.

                  Its on my website (see below) under the ~craft video~ section.

                  Hope it gives you some inspiration!

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                    I've made a few cards back in Feb, but I've not done any since. I've got some xmas stock due in, so that will prompt me to make some to promo the products. I tend to run out of steam with cards come November and end up buying a pack or two.


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                      Ive bought a few new stamps ready to make some christmas cards but havent actually committed to anything yet!
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                        i've been thinking about what style to make for craft fairs this year - my style has changed so much from when i first started making cards - and i've been purchasing chrimbo decoupage, so getting stocked and ready with those too!!!
                        Deanne x

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                          This thread promted me to locate my old mags covering previous Christmas card projects - guess what I'm doing this weekend!

                          Forgot to say, I've also dragged out my box of used christmas cards to recycle and make tags from.


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                            ive made nearly 40 xmas cards already all with different themes just trying and testing


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                              Xmas Craft Fairs

                              Will any of you be going to the Christmas craft fairs to get inspiration for card ideas from there?

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