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handmade Christmas ~ Join up!

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  • handmade Christmas ~ Join up!

    I know it is early (but not that early) but how about getting as many people as possible to 'pledge' to a handmade Christmas?
    It would be lovely if all our 'buys' were handmade (etsy, folksy etc) and as much as possible was homemade.
    Does anyone have any brilliant ideas particuarly for wrappings and decorations?
    I have started some fabric apples as in this tutorial
    not really christmas but today I am making firelighters from old candle wax, pine EO and wood shavings from my local joiner - I asked him for a bag, thinking carrier bag and he dropped off a sack full! I think I will be making firelighters for some time.
    Any other Christmas (or just winter) ideas??
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    I'll definitely be buying or making as many handmade gifts as possible this Yuletide, so you have my pledge.

    I have no bright ideas though about wrapping paper...


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      Don't quite know what happened there, my reply seems to have disapeared.
      I've moved this thread and made it sticky. I know that a lot of the crafts forum members are embraceing the handmade christmas theme this year.
      I am attempting this this year and have also started a new blog called christmas creative where I am showcasing handmade christmas items, craft tutorials, christmas inspiration etc. The link is in my signature.
      It'll be great to see what creative ideas people come up with.
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        Im definately pledging to a handmade christmas!

        So far i have been to my local scrapstore and got loads of coloured paper which i am using to create wrapping paper, im trawling folksy for gift ideas and im making all my gift bags!

        I love christmas! x


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          I'm already on the lookout when I'm doing fairs, to buy handmade for people this year. Having said that there may be some electronic and commercial wants from the kids so I may not be able to do a full pledge!!


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            For the last few years the adults that receive presents from me have al been handmade gifts, such as earrings one year, matching bracelets the next, this years its necklaces ! all in the relevant birthstone colours / semi precious stones

            The kids unfortunately are a different matter and as CJ above cant really avoid the electrical commercial things they want but will certainly be switching there "smellies" to hand made soaps and oils though !

            Wrapping paper I saved some from last year which I will be re-cycling as best i can and making some small pillow box's from last years Christmas cards ( the image side for extra Christmas effect - the how to was here

            They are not large box's but are certainly big enough for the Jewellery items I am making though

            Hope everyone has as much fun

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              I am going to make a lot of gifts this year after looking through this site and martin lewis so many gorgeous ideas. My daughter wants a bike so im afraid i cant be completely xmas homemade but i do send all homemade cards which is quite a challange as i dont like sending the same one so everyone gets a different design so takes me ages. Fancy making some sock monkeys and do some hampers, made some for mothers day well received my three mums then gave me the baskets back ha ha so i can recycle them again. i made jam the other week so im going to put a christmas label on them and give to friends. Bought candles and going to jazz up with beads or peel offs. Going round to friends tomorrow to brainstorm ideas we might try and make some gifts to sell at xmas fair. What do u think will people buy reindeer soup, decorated candles and pots of gold ect.


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                Cant pledge for a full handmade christmas but I'll do as much as i can., will probably gain a few gifts from craft fairs and etsy, and a lot of my friends will be getting candles and tarts which is always gratefully received. I love to add little bits and pieces to my wrapping paper that i have collected and i love plaine brown paper with a recycled ribbon bow and perhaps a stamp or 2, sometime I use a piece of material to wrap a small gift.
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                  As some of the other parents have said I too have the commercial and electronic demands from my kids too so although I can't make a full pledge I am pleadging to do as much as possible myself and the kids are doing quite a bit too.
                  I haven't totally given into the commercial hard sell as I am in the process of making the kids a personalised board game for christmas. It's a bit like snakes and ladders but I'm personalising by using personalised counters,instead of ladders I am going to use trees,instead of snakes I am going to use ropes and I am going to decorate the board with things that they will recognise and are personal to them.
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                    I'm definitely doing a hand made christmas this year and have already started. Everyone will get individual bits and pieces too, but I have started on items for hampers, per couple. Already have the chutney's and jam's made and will leave the biscuits and fudge etc to closer to the time. I'm even getting my OH involved (why should I make everything? - tee hee) and he's going to get a pyrography set and make a set of dominoes for my parents - shouldn't be too difficult but at least he will be involved......


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                      You've got my pledge to have a handmade Christmas as much as we can.

                      For the last few years we have designed and crafted all of our own Christmas cards and tags, and any the majority of gifts have either been made ourselves or purchased from other crafters... this is something we aim to continue.

                      There are a couple of people who 'want' something from the commercial/electronic market but in these cases they'll get a little extra handcrafted item to continue the sentiment.

                      Getting all excited already


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                        I made at least one gift for each of my immediate family last year and I'm hoping to do it again this year along with buying from other crafters so I'm in!



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                          Same as many of the others will do what I can but the kids electrical wants will mean it's not all fully handmade (how much do we all wish we were able to make nintendos by hand?) I always give my friends bags of scented pine cones. I collect the pinecones and put them in a bin bag with some cinammon sticks and some cinammon essential oil and tie it shut then go back to it about a month later and put them into smaller friends all love receiving them!


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                            I would like to have a handmade Christmas but I have just had a wee boy and with such a big familly on both sides I don't think I'd have enough time. But I'd love to hear all your ideas! Maybe next year.


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                              LOL - it must be difficult to pledge to a handmade christmas when your little on asks for a bike. When we were kids though in the days when the rag and bone man stilled existed, we used to beg him for any wheels he picked up, nick the wood of the dump site opposite and make carts. Not something I would ever recommend as they had no breaks, doddgy steering and were complete death traps - however - what fun we had!

                              I have started on the handmade route, ordering handmade Christmas Cards on here hoping for a handmade tree topper. Looking out for recycled tissue paper to put on paper stickers for wrapping paper. For my son who is 21 we wil buy a ceased motorcycle engine (as he wants it as a project to do up and sell on - he's in final year of motorcycle mechanic at uni).

                              Other stuff I am still on the look out for, but I am on my way!!