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  • New section !

    Not to long till xmas so here is a section to talk about xmas crafting


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    Good to have a christmas section.I feel all festive now.
    A while ago I meant to ask at what point in the year do people make a start on Christmas goodies?
    I have an idea for jewellery but I feel its more suited ot winter.But should i try it out now?

    Is there going to be another section of other religious festivals?

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      .....has to be better than 'christmas'? I would rather buy Winter themed jewellery, than Christmas themed. You'd get to wear it more often.

      Christmas limits you to the festive season. I've yet to sell a Christmas Stocking in July......although maybe I'll drag a few to Sudeley! You never know....I don't make a lot of Christmas stuff...some stockings and 'Letters to Santa' wallpockets..maybe a few pinnies. If you make a lot and it doesn't sell, you're stuck with it til next Christmas.

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        It's never too early to think about Christmas.
        The run up to Christmas (it think) is definately when you are going to make your money in the retail and especially jewellery line, so you need to get as much stock as poss done and book those craft fairs etc as this is when people will buy.....
        If you can think about what you are going to make now for the Christmas season it will save you time later on when you will be busy selling...


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          I definitely like the idea of 'winter' rather than 'christmas'..............but then I would...........wouldn't I ?


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            The thought of Christmas already sends shivers down my spine, not from a a craft point of view as i love making Christmas cards and it's my busiest time as i do some corporate cards which are real good to boost your income. It's the thought of the kids wanting everything and and the whole expense of it all.
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              It's never too early to think about Christmas. I always say that I will be organised this year and I never am. I am always burning the candle (literally) at both ends. Trying to get stock for the Christmas fairs (which I should have done in the quiter months of summer but never do) and then trying to get everything the kids and family want in the 2 weeks before Christmas.

              I like the break from work though when Christmas arrives.


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                I'm quite happy going christmas shopping early (avoid the queues get stuff in sales etc...) but I don't do any festive crafting as I can't get making holly leaves in summer and when I do feel like doing it the stuff would never be ready...
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                  I do make a few cards now each week ready for christmas as i cant stand making them all in one go. But as for my other bits i make i do them when i need them

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                    This is one that I really do have to plan ahead for. I got caught out last year in JULY!!!! I was invited to do a Pottery Painting event at a local church hall in July. I wasn't making my own things then and had bought in some tree decorations, I took a couple of boxes with me really to show them what I had available for later in the year I SOLD OUT! I had 30 with me and this was a relatively small event but they all went.

                    As my moulds need time to dry inbetween pouring, I did start early this year ... actually I think it was the first week of the new year lol. I've got a lot of Snowmen, Santa's and Xmas Trees made, but I haven't fired them as yet, they're sitting in my workshop waiting to be fettled. I am taking a few with me this weekend, but there will only be 3 different items on display at any time. Even if people don't want to buy now, I'm taking orders.

                    By November time last year, I was actually pouring what I needed for Easter!

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                      Is there a smug face on here - I've done nearly all of my Christmas shopping already - I have to get organised this early as the people I buy for are quite fussy and if I left it til the last moment then they wouldn't get anything at all!! I was debating taking stuff to the fair I might be doing in September but reading all of this then I will!!
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                        Well you deserve to be smug. I am only thinking about Christmas for the craft side. The gifts for the family, I just want to hide my head under the covers and forget about it.


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                          What organised peeps you all are.
                          Im still waiting for the summer to arrive. lol


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                            Just seeing this thread got me all excited!!!
                            I LOVE Christmas and just love making my Christmassy things, once these next few craft fairs are out of the way I will hopefully get cracking on some Christ,as stock - yee-haa!!!
                            Jo x

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                              Surprisingly I have actually been getting orders on my website for my Christmas backing paper CD over the last few days and I thought it was a bit early for orders for that yet..but if people make their cards this early I suppose they need the stash.. best get more inserts ordered from the printer, don't want to run out!!
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