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Christmas Gifts. How much do you Spend?

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  • Christmas Gifts. How much do you Spend?

    I am not very imaginative, yet love unique jewellery and find that I spend far too much time looking at gifts I can’t afford. I am looking for ideas on what I can make for friends and family as Christmas gifts. With the credit crunch in full flow I want to extend the amount of Christmas gifts I can give, yet keep a bit of change in my back pocket.
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    How much do I spend? to sum it up in two words 'too much'
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      Well my husband has been made redundant recently and so this Christmas my wages will have to cover everything so we're just going to put a limit on things and say £10 per person. That is going to be hard as I tend to always spend far too much and think I have got stuff for everyone, then I end up "just getting one more little thing"


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        I get all the presents in, then the sales start before Christmas these days, So of course I go and buy even more as I just cant resist a bargain LOL
        DD told me M&S are having a penny bazaar tomorrow for the bargain hunters out there, No idea what they will be selling for 1p though. Should be worth a look.
        Alas I cant go see, treatment no8 for me instead LOl xxx

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          The full range of special commemorative products consists of five jewellery sets, scarves, purses and knickers; commemorative cufflinks, ties and socks; leather passport holders and leather luggage tags; tea towels and mugs; bags of retro sweets, cans of retro drink, beach toys and beach balls.

          The limit is 5 items per person.

          Good Luck with your treatment x
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            As all my nieces and nephews are now grown up we decided to stop giving them presents so now I just get my two sisters and BIL mum and dad and the great nieces and nephews. On DH's side we just get my two nieces as they are still young. So that saved me a lot of money last year.
            A good idea for cheap homemade presents is to make some jams, chutneys or wine, cookies, cakes or biscuits. Another idea is to buy something cheap and then embellish it or add something. For example a plain t-shirt with added embroidery, beads fabric paint etc. Plain olive oil put into a fancy bottle with herbs, garlic etc. Make up your own gift baskets with shredded paper in the bottom and filled with small things according to their interests.



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              As I make all my gifts (within reason) I generally do not put a price on what I have spent but do know it is cheaper and I have gifted my time. Maybe I am being tight but wanted a handmade Christmas this year or to buy handmade from on the forum.


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                i just suggest you should take help of any experience person or you also take help of search engine to find it.
                Best of Luck

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                  I used to be like mila jewellery until I got made redundant! I save some money every month in a web saver account for christmas, and everyone has a budget limit - family and best friends have more than others. I work it all out on a spreadsheet (anal, I know - but that's me!) so I don't overspend (no nasty credit card bills in January!)

                  I spend up to the budget limit, whether it's bought or homemade (I make cakes, biscuits, jam and sweets as presents too) and if I don't spend the whole amount on one present - so much the better. It is actually very freeing to go shopping knowing I have £8 to spend on a person and when I have spent £6.99 on a present, crossing them off my list as 'done'. None of this "it's only a small box, I'd better get something else". Trust me, two weeks after christmas most people can't tell you what they got anyway!

                  Also, I've found many people are relieved when they don't get a huge amount from you, as they don't feel they need to reciprocate, and these days, who isn't on a tighter budget?

                  I try to spot things throughout the year and put them in my 'present basket' until either their birthday or christmas - that helps spread the load, too.

                  Hope this helps!


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                    So far we have 6 presents that I got doing trades on Etsy, 4 that Sue has made and I am in the middle of making another 5. Unfortunately our immediate family totals 23 not including us two so we have another 8 to go. We are aiming to make or trade all of them this year if we can. Like many of you money is tight. If anyone who makes things (other than jewellery I am afraid is interested in trading let me know as we are always on the lookout.

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                      We spend approx £50 on our boys, because they get so much from the rest of the family and in recent years my hubby and I haven't really bought each other anything. This year however, my hubby has given me a budget to go and get myself a few 'treats' which I have gladly done. They're not really treats though more like necessities ie a new hairdryer, some moisturiser and eye make-up remover - you know the things a girls needs!! I am really excited though because he's going to wrap them up and I will have some pressies to open on Christmas morn!!

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                        with 4 boys and 2 girls i can honestly say.....way too much
                        having said that we have never spent silly amounts ,they get things i know they really want and will use
                        both me and mr boo come from large families ( we are both one of 5 ) and the family count seems to rise and rise each year ,to date i have 13 nephews and nieces and another on the way.
                        mr boo and me never buy each other gifts at xmas , we wait till valentines day and buy each other something then when we hopefully have a bit more money
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                          I have been silly in the past . But this year is a no go . Won't do it any more.

                          I have three grown up children and two grandsons ( who i will spoil)
                          My children will get £50 each.
                          My Grandchildren , will only get about £50 as they are far to young to understand this year ( under one).
                          The family will all have home made items , being food , etc. all dressed up in lovely papers etc.
                          Why leave yourself in debt for one day .. and half the pressents will only end up in a draw boxing day!
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                            When Matt and I first got together (15 years ago) we used to spend a stupid amount on each other. This year our limit is £20, last year it was £10. I personally love the hunt of getting something that Matt would love for a small amount of money. The girls have got about 4 presents each (a Barbie, a book etc) and they will have about 3 presents to share. They get spoilt rotten by the rest of the family so we feel that we don't need to spend much on them at all - and to be honest the majority of the presents for them have come from the charity shops!! We do start shopping in January though and have a present cupboard that we put all the things in - and a list so we can keep track of who has what!

                            Next year I think we are going to only spend £5 on each other - should be fun!!
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                              This year I'm making coasters for everyone, with my own designs on. I buy the coasters from Xpres - about 45p each. You have to buy a box of 40 but that's OK for me as I'm doing sets of 6 for each person. Then You buy Paint Me paint which you paint onto ordinary paper and then iron the design onto the coaster. The results are brilliant. I did a whole set of coasters and placemats as a commission for friends in summer. The paints go on forever so the total cost of each coaster is about 60p. Unique presents, your own work. Everyone happy!