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  • Looking for Nativity stickers

    Hi everyone I love christmas and we now have 4 grandchildren so even more fun. By christmas they will range in ages of 4yrs - 14mnths. I want to make a magnetic nativity set for each of them, just stickers or clip art on a magnetic sheet for my printer, I have the magnetic sheets so now I am looking for the right image!! I had initially thought of stickers but not sure how they will hold out with 2yr old fingers playing with them. I like the MAMBI christmas sticker but??? Also how would a download work out as I have never done this kind of thing before. Any suggestions would be great. We all attend church and the nativity is important to our holiday season, knowing how much the oldest loves fridge magnets I thought this would be a fun thing to give the older ones prior to christmas and not too expensive to make. I don't fully understand digital scrapbooking so any help would be so appreciated. Thanks