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    Hello everyone

    Well, thanks to some of the really helpful posts here I have been busy this week. I have made a couple of twig wreaths (one is really lovely, the other one is getting covered with evergreeen) I have also dried out orange slices. The first batch went black, but the second was a gorgeous colour and smelt wonderful. I have spray painted some leaves, and added glitter to some very tired looking wooden tree ornaments I had lying around from last year.

    I have also ordered some crafty bits from 'by nicki' and hope to have them in the next couple of days. I have three trinket boxes to paint as presents for my daughter and two nieces. I also ordered brunch balls (hadn't heard of them before but they look fab) and some cinnamon sticks and wooden hearts that I am going to make for the tree. My favourite item was a twiggy wreath (but more professional looking than mine! ) and I really can't wait to decorate that!

    I am so excited. It has been years and years since I did crafting for christmas!

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    You have been busy!!! Make sure you post some pictures of them for us to see
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