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  • white christmas treat

    In my post below I mentioned I am currently in Australia. I thought you might like this recipe for a popular sweet treat here called white christmas. I've never seen it in the UK but it is made at Christmas in Oz.

    Melt some good quality white chocolate and stir in a handful of rice krispies, a few chopped red and green glace cherries, and you can add some chopped nuts. They use macadamias here but you could toasted almonds or hazelnuts. This is the adult version. Spread it out onto greaseproof with a palette knife until it's approx 1cm thick and let it set. Break it up into chunks and put into cellophane bags tied with ribbon it you want to give it as a gift.

    For the children's version, leave out the nuts and cherries, add the krispies, smarties, jelly tots and marshmallows or chocolate buttons. Whatever you think really. Children love it. So do I unfortunately!

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    it seems delicious. it is a great fun to make a Chirstmas gift by our own hands. and i hope i am the lucky person to receive such a gift, but who is the lucky person to make such a gift for me?.....
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      I have this recipe in a cookbook I bought a couple of months ago. How interesting to learn it comes from Australia. I cannot seem to find green glace cherries though....I did want to make this for relatives and friends and use them as christmas gifts. Apparently you can use angelica too, although I have to admit I aren't sure what angelica is!!!

      Thanks for sharing
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        I do the chocolate and rice krispie or cornflake thing but to add fruits sounds lovely.

        Thank you for sharing


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          oooh, where are you in Australia?

          I might make some of this...... and some rocky road too, I haven't seen rocky road since moving to the UK, don't suppose you have a recipe for that?


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            OH FAB!!...Will be making this in my count down to Christmas
            Thanx for sharing
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              For rocky road, it's 500 grms melted chocolate, 200 grms marshmallow, 2 x55 grms turkish delight, handful of peanuts. It's yummy if you add broken maltesers (although that 's just how I make it). Just mix it altogether, press into a greased tin, refrigerate then pour melted chocolate over the top.

              Green glace should be able to get them from any delicatessan. I remember seeing them when I was there last. Angelica is a hedgerow plant grown in the UK and you can use this, it works fine.

              Here's another tip. You probably don't need this at the moment but honestly, it's so hot here, drives me mad. We go through heaps of ice cubes, it's just what happens.
              But, being so creative (I can't help myself) I've been reading that water on it's own, doesn't really do much for your body. You know how it's recommended that we drink 8 glasses a day (not hard here)? But if you add a touch of cordial or fruit juice, it fools the metabolism into thinking it's food so it actually goes right through the whole body system instead of just passing through the kidneys.
              I've been making ice cubes with a small slice of lemon, lime or orange as well as mint, or any herb. They look gorgeous in a glass and they make water taste lovely. Takes away that fluoride flavour.
              With children, I make fruit juice ice cubes with jellies in them. Takes their taste for cordial and artificial flavourings away. They are too busy drinking to the bottom of the glass to find the ice cube with the jelly tot in. Bit mean I know but if you want to keep your children off artificial flavourings, it works brilliantly.


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                Sounds lovely! Must try that one