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  • Hello everyone!

    Hello to all.

    What a lovely site! I've designed Christmas decorations for many years and was looking for an old supplier on the internet when I came across this forum.
    Like some of you, I've made Christmas presents for friends and family this year and rediscovered the joy of giving a handmade gift. I've saved heaps.
    I'm making a quilt for my stepson who is very used to received expensive toys normally (bit spoilt to be honest). I thought i had better show him what I was making to check he liked the colours (was really hoping that he would also show signs of appreciation). At first he didn't know what it was but after I explained, his face lit up and he said 'are you really making that for me'? I said yes, and he looked humbled. He then said, 'I think it's really nice, thankyou'. Then I felt humbled and all warm inside. Had to take a deep breath.
    Anyway, all those left over fabrics, buttons, trimmings, bits of card and lace, they all come in useful for something.
    If anyone wants any tips on making decorations, I'd be happy to help whenever I can.

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    Hello and to the forum


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      hello and welcome.I bet your busy at the mo making all the Christmas decorations.Can't wait to see them.

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        Hi there, to the forum
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          to the forum. Would be lovely to see the quilt once it's finished and I bet your stepson will love it!
          Gail x

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            Hello and
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              Hello & . I bet there are loads of people on here who'd like tips on making Christmas decorations, including me, you'll have to start a thread

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                me too, hugs


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                  hello and

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                    Hello and to the forum...



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                      Its nice to see you here. I'm a quilter too, and many other fabric related crafts like all of us. What a lovely Grandson. Its so nice to be appreciated.
                      God helps them that help themselves.


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                        Hello and to the forum, I look forward to seeing some of the things you make.

                        Jo x
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                          Thankyou all for such a warm welcome. I am currently living in Australia (am English) but returning to the UK next year. I have never got used to a hot Christmas but everyone celebrates the season just the same. Perhaps people don't spend as long in a hot kitchen as the temperature can get very high. I know I haven't cooked like I normally would if I was back home.

                          This year, I saved my glass jars and as I love cooking I am making hampers for friends with homemade flavoured mayonnaise, hand baked biscuits, chocolates, dips, a Christmas centre table mat and an angel to hang on the tree.
                          It's a bit more special this year as I think it might be our last Christmas here. Hopefully it's back to the UK next May all being well.
                          I'm planning a new web site with all things to design and make for the home without costing a fortune so I'm looking forward to this.
                          I am a designer and a very keen sewing enthusiast but not so much a quilter as more into soft furnishings. I used to have a home design and soft furnishings business in the UK.
                          There is a big quilters population here, it's a huge industry. The only problem is that being so close to China, most original ideas are quickly copied. A few small businesses have exhibited at shows hoping to sell some of their hand made ideas, but they find their ideas photographed then mass produced.
                          It's another world over here.

                          Anyway, yes, I would love to share my Christmas decoration ideas with you. Thankyou again for such a nice welcome.


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                            Hi and welcome!
                            Love your quilt story - I think we often overestimate what it takes to please children, the simplest things are often the best (not that a quilt is simple, but you know what I mean!)
                            I sew and have been making patchwork bags, but have never tried a quilt. I've just started one as am doing a course in patchwork - really enjoying it!
                            How frustrating to have your work copied so quickly
                            I just live in hope that there are always some people who appreciate something well made and unique.
                            I'm currently making some little, scented, christmassy pomanders as decorations.
                            Cathy xx
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                              Glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you!
                              Katian Mosaics

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