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  • can i have your opinions please

    i have brought a jar for £1 i have so far put ribbon around the lid and put a flower arrangement on the front ,,trouble is it doesnt look right something is missing can you help please? xx jo xx

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    How about sponging some grass effect around the base of the vase? This would not make it seem so lonely, other than that I think it is fine. You could also add a flower head to the lid.


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      What about framing the flowers in some way? It's very pretty anyhow.



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        I think there's too much empty space and this makes for some imbalance perception. I would back the grass idea of Carolee.


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          Yes I agree that the flower looks a little lost on its own. A little more decoration and then maybe fill it with colourful bath confetti or scented petals or the like.


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            I like your other items which are pretty and arty, I think the jar lid pattern stands out too much next to the flower pot so I would be tempted to cover the lid and then out something jolly in the jar to match the cheerful flowers.
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              Originally posted by alex_amarfei View Post
              I think there's too much empty space and this makes for some imbalance perception. I would back the grass idea of Carolee.
              I'd agree with that.


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                I was going to suggest painting it with glass paint, but that doesn't sound as good as Carolee and Janetdc's suggestions!
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                  What about putting some of those glass pebbles in green inside it? The ones ou can buy to put in flower vases? I would put a lemon circle of material on the lid to represent the sun and tie a thin blue ribbon tound the lid.(like you see on home made jam).Suexx


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                    I would add another flower aswell. Try to always group things in three's or fives - it seems to add more balance.

                    I definitely like the grass idea, also , just a thought, why not try a little butterfly or something flying over the flowers!

                    Otherwise, it is really lovely!.
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                      You have some beautiful items
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                        I'd agree the flowers need some sort of framing to make them stad out - they're fab but they're looking a bit lost and not being shown to their full potential as they are.

                        Think I might feel inclined to change the ribbon as well - needs to be a bit wider. Or poss put it round the glass neck/rim of the jar rather than the lid but not sure if that would be poss.

                        Just a few ideas - looks good though and I've jsut had a look at the rest of your blog - love your calanders and things - such a good idea!

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                          maybe turn it upside down and use the lid as a base, and inside the lid, put a small flower arrangement and then screw the lid back on and you have a flower arrangement inside the jar.
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                            I think the bath soaps is a good idea!
                            Maybe fill it with dried lavender, or something specificaly for gardeners!?
                            I think the ribbon around the top needs to be thicker so it covers the whole depth of the lid, Or could you add some muslin to the top like a jam jar!? That would maybe take away from the emptiness too, and bring all of it together a bit!?
                            And could you maybe have some more fake flowers, coming from behind the others youve stuck on!? To fill out the bunch! Like some long ones spiking up from behind!
                            Oh Ive got far to involved!!


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                              I like the Grass idea too!

                              And I think the handmade soaps would look great, as the flower is "fresh" looking (and very pretty!) I would have that standing proud in my bathroom!

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