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  • Plastic baubles

    Can anyone help?

    I'm looking for a supplier of transparent baubles in order to make a Christmas theme wedding favour. The baubles i've seen are made of 2 parts that connect together in order for you to put a gift or sweets in. I'm struggling to find a supplier, they are on Ebay but fairly expensive at £1.95 each. I've seen them for £1 each but the company doesn't have the stock I need.

    I'm looking for 80.

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    Have you tried a hobbycraft or craft central?


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      I was going to say hobbycraft too.They definately had them in at Christmas,Im sure their Christmas stuff will be in store soon.

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        Thanks, i've tried Hobbycraft and unfortunately they don't have them yet. I might contact them to see when they will get their Christmas stock in. I need them for November and it may take a while to assemble them if making my invites and place settings is anything to go by.

        I've searched google for craft central and can't find a store by that name.


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          Hi Julie

          What size diameter are you after as one of my suppliers does them in varying sizes - I could order some in for you if you're stuck.
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            Thanks! I'm really stuck, i've trawled the internet and they just aren't available at the moment.

            I'm looking for 10cm diameter. If you could let me know the cost that would be great.


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              Hi Julie

              Will PM you with details.
              Visit Natty Netty for a huge selection of Iris Folding supplies


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                Are these similar to what you are looking for? They have other shapes too!
                Just noticed, they work out at 22p each! and orders over 75pounds have free delivery. I always order stuff for my Rainbows from here.
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                  Hi has anyone seen glass ornament around yet this year. They don't need to split and i would prefer them not to be plastic. Thanks


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                    I have a variety of sizes available - from 5cm to 8cm diameter - I also have some that I bought by mistake from the USA that have flat bottoms (wondered if they would be better for table decorations?)

                    I also have 6cm and 8cm hearts...the larger ones are hinged.

                    PM me if you'd like prices...

                    All the best


                    OOOOOPs - just realised this is a realllllllly old post - and I don't have glass ones...

                    Note to self - look at date of OP...
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