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  • Christmas Die Cut Shapes

    Hello Everyone

    I'm amazed at how many people out there are already buying Christmas shapes to make their christmas cards, it's not even summer yet!!
    So come on own up have you started making your cards for christmas?


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    i make xmas cards all year round have a stash so when xmas comes i just have to write them out i have a stash of allsorts of cards thats why i now scrapbook so i can use my stash of craft goodies
    Jan xx


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      not started yet

      hi there, not started yet but will have to get a wriggle on, as I am doing a fair in Dec.
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        Hi - I start designing mine straight after Christmas. Because a lot of mine are photo designs, or similar, I need to get some sorted whilst it still feels Christmassy. Most of my orders come from my brochure and that needs to be ready by end of July - also special designs for some businesses who like an individual one to send with their name in. Last year's web site is still up for anyone interested to see what I mean - So yes, I have started my Christmas cards, but need to get going more after a break organising a craft fair - no time to do my own things!!


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          I havent started yet only because ive got a big show to get ready for in 3 weeks. After that I will be starting to cut out my decopage. If my honest I started buyin christmas stuff months ago !!!

          Sad I know x x



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            Yes, I am a sad little person.!!! I have made about three dozen but had to stop due to going on holiday and all the ups and downs of having an extension built. Hope to get back into my cards theis week sometime!! I have a craft fair in September and one in October so I am hoping that some Xmas cards will sell!!!!!! Sue xx


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              Im in a Rudolph Day Challenge which means on the 25th of each month i have to try and make 5 christmas cards. So by time christmas is here i will be well on my way of having them all done so far i have made over 25 as each month i try and do a few more

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                I've got a few left from last year and lots of stuff to make more as I got a bit carried away in my local craft suppliers and on ebay. It feels a bit odd making them too early though so I haven't started yet.


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                  I do try to make up some of my fiddly Xmas die cuts (like the QK reindeer-the one with the little legs!) all year round so that I have them all ready when I start making my cards.

                  I have started early this year though- I have made 3 already. LOL...I was sort of encouraged to do them though. One I just had to try out the George and Dottie downoads and the other two were part of a DT stamp I was sent.

                  I alway TRY to be organised but it never works out!



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                    I'm not a card maker but I am already thinking about starting to make for Christmas.

                    I listen to The Perry Como Christmas Album when I'm doing my Christmas crafts. It gets my in the Christmas mood!!

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                      New big shot and a couple of Christmas dies a couple of days ago so yep l'm thinking of Christmas stuff now too...ooops
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