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  • EBay Spoof Mail

    Just received a spoof email from EBay with the title 'eBay Unpaid Item Dispute #26021583564-- response required'.

    The following text said:

    Dear member,
    eBay member cristos32lake has indicated that they already paid for item #26021583564

    There was a link there worded 'Review the submitted deails regrading the payment' for me to press and send my response to - which I did NOT touch.

    I have not been using EBay for months now and knew right away it was me. I did a search on Ebay for the number and ebay member that was mentioned in the mail and neither were found.

    I forwarded the email to EBay and received a reply that it was certainly NOT from them and to delete it from my computer without pressing any links etc.

    Just wanted to let you know as I have never received an email with a dispute query and wondered if it another new way they are using????

    Anyway, watch out to those of you that do use Ebay.

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    Pauline, unfortunately I get them all the time and I'm not registered with eBay any longer.
    Simply delete any emails on these lines as they are definately spoof emails.
    I'm sorry to say that you will probably end up getting quite a few now you've had one.

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      I' ve had loads of spoof emails from ebay,paypal and various others over the years1i have never shopped from ebay, don't have an account, or conatcated them either, likewise for paypal!
      Once these spammers get your email address, it just gets passed on and does the rounds . I get them from everybank I can think of, from Uk , us and others.
      just never, NEVER, NEVER, click on any links.
      If you wonder whetehr they could be real, then use the link you know and contavt them direct!
      Also genuine ones would normally address you by your name, not just dear valued customer!


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        I had a total of 47 spam emails in my Junk folder today for my Wood Tattoos inbox. They were from 'banks' that I have never held an account with, but mainly from 'PayPal' asking me to update my billing records or dispute a transaction for accounts that I do not have.
        The cheek of these spammers and phishers just gets to me sometimes!

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