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Nearly Set Fire to the House There!!!

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  • Nearly Set Fire to the House There!!!

    And it wasn't even from the candles - well it could be in a round about way!!!

    I am pretty busy at the mo so I have 2 rings of the cooker on the go as well as my wax melter - (and the oven but for gods sake don't tell the hubby he goes crackers with that!!). Time to make the dinner so wax melting away on two rings of the cooker good can use the other two for dinner. Made a pot of soup and put it on the back ring then did my Blue Peter here's one I prepared earlier dinners out and sat it on the remaining ring at the front (both these rings were off of course!!).

    Right turned on the gas under the soup (or so I thought) leaned over to get my knew handy dandy food grater from QVC (I know I am sad but humour me). Turned back to see the flames liking out from under the dinner - me had gone and put the wrong gas on. The house stinks and just wait until hubby comes home - what's for tea now - PIZZA cause I set fire to the rest!!!


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    That must have been scary, I've nearly set the house on fire on more than one occassion, but what better excuse to get PIZZA!
    Hope you are ok.
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      Pizza is good!!


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        Mmmm pizza definitely a silver lining to that story! Must have been scary though.

        I accidently set fire to a tea towel a few weeks ago. I had put it too close to the gas ring! Luckily I noticed as it caught fire and threw it in the sink. Not sure how I would explained that one to my landlord!
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          we have been shifting the boys bedrooms about and just had pizza mmmmmmmmmm....... was yummy
          while i knit i think


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            oops... pizza sounds good to me though.

            I nearly set fire to the house once with a candle which was in a metal holder.
            Never put a candle in a metal holder on top of a record player.
            It will heat up, the candle holder will tip over into said record player and the melted wax will pour out and set fire to the rest.
            It's very bad.
            Your husband will never let you live it down.
            It will be the topic of conversation at parties for years to come.


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              Oooh gosh, that would have scared me!!!
              If it was me I would have started screaming and pretty much done everything apart from anything useful, lol.
              I hope you didn't burn yourself or anything. What sort of soup was it???
              I hope it wasn't one that took ages to prepare...
              At least you got pizza though!


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                Originally posted by candles by lisa View Post
                leaned over to get my knew handy dandy food grater from QVC (I know I am sad but humour me). Turned back to see the flames liking out from under the dinner -
                OK so cough up Lisa - just exactly how long did you standby lovingly admiring your new QVC-handy-dandy-distract-you-from-the-flames food grater?

                I have visions of you opening windows and frantically whafting the burning smells outside before hubby gets back, bless

                Pizza sounds like a good plan! You sit and enjoy it
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                  And I thought I was the only one who had tried to burn down my kitchen!

                  A couple of years ago I sat down to dinner with the girls (hubby was out). As the meal progressed the girls (and me) started to make comments like "cor someones got a bonfire going somewhere" and "I can still smell smoke"! Then one of the girls wanted a drink so I went to the kitchen to get one. It was no bonfire! It was a wooden chopping board that I'd left left on top of the electric hob (I'd run out of work surface) which would have been fine if I hadn't left the ring on! Anyway it was all fine (well, smoking like hell but no flames) until I lifted the chopping board and ......OMG flames! I dunked it in the dishwater and then chucked it outside.
                  When I came back in the kids were all rolling around on the floor because Em (eldest) had shouted "stop, drop and roll" which she'd been taught at school and hubby had just walked in the front door wondering if his family were still alive! No kidding though, the smoke was unbelievable and the house stank for weeks!

                  I must say though Lisa, I am very impressed with your multi-tasking! There is no way I can do two things at once when one of them is cooking!
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                    im reading these posts in hysterics, but luckily they all had a funny ending to them!

                    luckily i haven't as yet had any accidents in the kitchen, but if i did i'd be screaming the house down!

                    on sunday i was cleaning the bathroom sink, i had the water running, pulled the stick thing up behind the taps to get the plug in, and i pulled it too much and it came out... in my hands.
                    the tap was running, the sink was filling up so fast.. i panicked, ran downstairs screaming with the metal stick thing, best mate came charging up and turned off the tap and called me a dumb doughnut.
                    i have no idea why i didn't turn the tap off!
                    at least the floor got washed!

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                      Big 'OOOPs' Lisa !! Hope the smell has died down a bit by now ...


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                        Many more people like us lot burning our kitchens down and well give women a bad name!
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                          Oh Lisa, what are you like girl. Can't trust you with anything ..LOL

                          Mind you the other night hubby was frying some sausages, totally forgot about them, all of a sudden there's this black cloud of smoke billowing from the kitchen. Frying pan didn't catch fire, but he left the non stick fish slice in the pan. His bangers ended up with a lovely coating of plastic.

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                            Thanks guys - the house still stinks but believe it or not it is the smell of smoke on my hands I can't seem to get rid off. I picked up the burning dinner without thinking with my hands and threw it in the sink - didn't burn my hands but they absolutely stink - they still do. I washed and washed and washed them last night, had a shower this morning and they still stink (or maybe it's in my mind). Sorry to all you smokers out there but how do you put up with the smell of smoke on your hands.

                            Anyway the soup was Carrot and Corriander and only took minutes to prepare.

                            I wasn't looking at the handy dandy QVC food grater for long because I had sat admiring it and playing with it the day it arrived!! It does a brill job of grating the veg just not very good at putting out flames!!!

                            Thanks again all.


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