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  • Oh dear

    ...I seem to have overstepped some boundaries and upset some people

    I meant no intention of acting as a backseat moderator on behalf of the forum, just a regular real life person who is hopefully usually very polite making a comment on what I didnt believe was politeness. In hindsight I should have just ignored the thread completely but its not my nature to ignore someone, even if theyre impolite

    Hopefully anyone who's read enough of my posts thinks I'm a helpful person and not pompous but I now feel chastised so I'm off to make a brew and chill out

    Shaz x
    Keepsake Kollections
    & Rossendale Ramblings!

    Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!

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    Problem ended. I'm the one who uses an axe instead of a rolled up newspaper. Everybody needs an axeman.


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      Shaz - you said what I think most of us were thinking so you are brave to do that!

      And to take on Beadsage heheheheh!!!


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        I don't remember being 'taken on'...............??


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          ...I found the post, but I'm sure you weren't meaning to be rude. I can see how it all happened though.

          I've never known you to be knowingly rude. Helpful definitely, hilarious maybe, and you've cheered my day more than once, but never rude.

          To be honest. I didn't take the original request for feedback as bad manners. We all speak differently, many of us write exactly as we speak and so mistakes in interpretation can happen easily. It's hard to pick up intonation in type.

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            Hi Shaz, I'm afraid I missed the hullabaloo but I'm sure that whatever you said it wasn't rude! You've always been kind, helpful and honest - please don't change the way you are, I think you're fab!!

            "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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              Oh for god's sake stop it! I said it was sorted, no need to climb on the bandwagon without even knowing where it's come from!


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                Just backing up what has already been said Funny , helpful , good humoured and above all else my buddy. I am sure whatever was said wasn't meant to be rude.

                I need my daily dose of Shaz's rambling's ........

                P.S I type as I speak and a Glaswegian who cant spell . Well you work out the rest.

                Big hugs
                Janice x


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                  What on earth are you all talking about? Shaz was told off by a moderator - me. Shaz apologised and explained why it happened. Moderator - me - said 'no problem, all finished. Rest of forum found something to shout about and started playing shoot the mod. Don't do that. I don't like being shot at. Thread closed. Now go and play nicely.