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Ow No Snow!!!

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  • Ow No Snow!!!

    I know just about everybody on the forum loves snow - I like it too but not when I need to come into work through it - just looking out the window and it is getting heavier - there is no way I want to spend the night at work if we get snowed in - fingers crossed I'm praying for rain!!!!



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    We have a little bit here too! And I'm at home today!!


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      Oooh I feel for you Lisa, I did an 80 mile round trip to work everyday for too many years... you know why I'm desparate to find a job I can do from home!

      It's coming down heavier where I am now, was more like hailstone earlier but proper fat snow now

      Fiingers crossed you get home OK!

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        No snow for us but it is cold here!
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          Beautiful sunny day here. t.shirt weather in fact

          The kids are upset though as we haven't had any snow this winter.Every year so far (6 of them) we have had at least 1 heavy snowfall overnight , of a1 mor thereabouts. Kids had never really seen proper snow till we came here to live! Our neighbours couldn't believe how excited the kids were the first year, thought England was so cold it was probably covered in snow all winter!


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            I hate snow Luckily it all seems to have melted here although it's meant to snow tonight - boo!!
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